Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Favorite Tennis Players + Hotties

In the spirit of sports season (because of the '08 Beijing Olympics) I give you a list of my favorite Tennis Players whom I will categorize according to their---ahem---looks and their hotness and amp! on the court (whether it be grass or clay).

10. Boris Pashanski
I first noticed Boris Pashanski at the 2006 Wimbledon Championship in his match with Andre Agassi (Agassi's last Wimbledon Tournament). Boris lost there yet his Serbian features where unmistakably striking, and so I jotted him down on my list.

9. Gaston Gaudio
Okay so he's Argetinian and has won the 2004 French Open but for me his most remarkable game was at the semi-finals of the 2002 ATP Tournament in Barcelona. This was a match against the then world #1 Lleyton Hewitt. He advanced without losing a set over Hewitt. Amp!

8. Paul-Henri Mathieu
I never really liked Frenchmen you know but this guy somewhat stood out of the crowd matching his grunge looks at the ATP Masters Series and beating Andy Roddick?! At the game at least.

7. Xavier Malisse
So here now is a Belgian trying to impress us with on the tennis court. He was remarkable against world #1 Roger Federer at the Rogers Cup in 2006.

6. Marat Safin
My gosh this guy really reminds me of Brad Pitt in Snatch. He could've landed on my number one list only with this picture right here but I just think he scares me sometimes. But surely he is H-O-T! Enough said.

5. Roger Federer
Ladies and gentlemen, let me just remind you that this list not only talking about tennis skills, alright? We too are talking about looks, as well as the x-factor that goes with it. So, going back to Roger...I think "what the &@*$?!"

4. Tommy Robredo
Some guys really looks a whole lot better in a clean cut hair style. Take for example Spanish player Tommy Robredo who had been sporting long locks ever since but isn't he waaay cuter in this picture with a military cut? And how about going topless? Geez, this guy really deserves being top 4.

3. Novak Djokovic
I know Serbia isn't the typical country where we can find cute guys roaming around the streets but if we're faced with a hotty like Novak Djokovic surely many girls wouldn't mind having a Serbian date the next time around.

2. Andy Roddick
Not only is he a famous household name in America he is also THE face of top-selling brands from Lexus to Rolex to Amex to Lacoste and to top it all he holds the fastest serve record! Not only is he the ninth-ranked player in the world he also is also one of the most good-looking man on and off the court. Gosh, can somebody stop this guy, puhlease?

1. Feliciano Lopez
What is it with Feli that many girls just can't resist? Oh gosh you have to tell me because I'm one of those girls too. I first came across this left-handed Spaniard around 2005 (just can't remember who was he up against with that time) but what made me notice him is his one-handed backhand which is quite weak. The more i watch his style the more I saw his potential to be the next Rafael Nadal (his close friend and world #2). Then comes his match with the Andre Agassi that made big news because he (Feli) had defeated such a legend. But landing to the Top 20 of the ATP Rankings is simply not a favorable spot for Feli so I make it a point to put him on the of my list. "Juegas tenis fantástico. Mucha suerte! Vamos Feli!"

Tennis players funny quotes...

Arnaud DiPasquale: "Dear God, you know how much I hate playing on clay."

Gaston Gaudio: "A naked man running around the court...again?! Oh please... Ana Kournikova's no longer playing, come on!"

Marat Safin: "Spartaaaannnsss!!! What is your profession?"

Novak Djokovic: "Tell Masha we're going drinking tonight."

Andy Roddick: "What's that smell?"

Rafael Nadal: "The secret to a real power shot serve is concentration. Hum...hum..."

Feliciano Lopez: "Coach, I know English. I perfectly understand what you're need gotta go!"

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