Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Trailer is here!

Finally, after weeks and weeks of working on a marketing video for this IT company and sticking my eyeballs on other movie trailers, there will only be one video that will always have my eyes glued to it like forever. Well, okay, we're only talking about the trailer here but this is really it! The official Harry Potter Half Blood Prince trailer is already out and Yahoo is the first to confirm that this trailer you're about to see is the legit version (unlike some other muggle community sites who claims their videos authenticity) . Sigh, there's still 112 more days to go before the real movie is out yet I can't seem to contain my excitement any longer. He-he. Well, I think I am still given some more time to read the book again since I'm nearly forgetting some of the important stuff already. Fine.

So, for all those who waited patiently for the release of the trailer, here it is. Enjoy!

Note: If you've watched the Dark Knight before watching this trailer, you just might think that the sound effects are kind of the same but no, they have different musical arrangers.

Korean Beauty

I shouldn't really be this excited about the business venture I have at hand, but only by hearing the name of the business itself makes me fantasize that it's already happening, like all the negotiations are done and I'm off advertising the product itself. But I have to wait still. I have to keep my fingers crossed that the Korean national I transact business with isn't all that cranky, you know. Oh whatever! I'll have to see for myself then.

Yesterday, I'm in a chat with Aunt Estrella (the usual Q&A about my whereabouts at first) until she opened up about KR Beauty (that's what they call it). I said I'm going to "the shop" later after work so I can get the price list and show them to her. She insisted I get the name and the location of the manufacturer and so they can go down to Seoul to do the transactions there with Stephan. I didn't know what to say. I never thought they were THAT serious in spending time and effort on Korean Beauty because as from Ate Rosy (my closest cousin) the conceptualization of KR Beauty is something so totally uneventful that she herself never cared about it before.

Until I came in the picture one day. I started talking about this Korean shop I frequent here in Makati. I raved on and on and on about the products I bought there from varieties of facial masks to tweezers and base foundations to lipglosses and how reasonable they are priced. I guess what happened next is what we all know of.

Oh Well, like what I always say, we'll see!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who's Missing?

The entire cast of The Dark Knight on a Black carpet world premier in New York. But what dominates the debut of this film around the globe isn’t just how enigmatically stunning this Christopher Nolan creation is, but the absence of one man whose name will never be forgotten.

Heath Ledger, the Joker.

Why so serious? I remember his famous line as he presses a knife on the face of that gangster. That scene made me cover my eyes and sort of let out a silent scream until I realized I was in a movie theater with an equally horrified friend beside me.

Unlike others, I immediately recognized the man behind the messed up painted clown face and that sinister voice right from the start of the film. It’s definitely him, only scarier. The guy whom I didn’t much liked in Ten Things I Hate About You (because I was too young then and didn’t fancy the long hairdo on guys), the guy who gained my admiration in The Patriot, made me swoon over the knights in A Knight’s Tale, made me fall in love in Casanova, and is now scarring the hell out of me in The Dark Knight.

I am seriously not a fan of him. He’s not even in on my most wanted list of Hollywood Celebrities. But he’s such a loss. I remembered the day I learned of his death still thinking it was some sick joke, but eventually I found out it was true.

Back in the movie house, I wanted to laugh about how funny my reactions and how inexplicably weird I was feeling all throughout the film but the more I stared at the silver screen and face my doom with the madman joker, swoon over Harvey Dent and ride beneath the cape of the Dark Knight, my heart begins to mourn. Every hit and every miss, every twist and every turn, every laugh and every cry, every jump and every blast, every scream and every whisper I look for his face. That’s because I know this would be the last time I’ll ever see him alive. The Last Heath Ledger movie. So I just hid away my heavy heart and sighed as the closing credits comes to an end.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Desktop

Now, being in front of the computer isn't that harmful anymore.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My friend KC did it again. She probably has mastered the art of sneaking into the "Next Movie Attraction" list before anyone else in the world does. She's found Twilight the movie that I've coincidentally read twice last month. I happen to just fell in love with Edward Cullen - the vampire. Oopps! Did I say anything. He-he.

Anyway, from the trailer itself, I think it's very much different from the book. I'm not really too sure, yeah, hard to tell even from a full trailer. But by the looks it, I think it something anyone shouldn't miss. Do you notice the? Oh, so that's what happened when he died. He turned into a handsome supernatural being of vampire. I like that!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Lady Bed spacer

Honestly, I couldn’t put into words what I had felt the very night I settled as a full time resident of Makati. It’s just too surreal for me, he-he. But there were really some awkward and funny moments how I completely got myself into this, finally.

P.S. I Love You Mama!

The Final Confrontation and the 2-day Suitcase

Wednesday night I went home all flushed with excitement. I just found the perfect place for me to transfer close to my office. Before that I left a message to Papa telling him the good news. Apparently, he wasn’t too impressed about it and so we ended up with a little confrontation. I got off the seemingly endless conversation and went straight to my room to pack. I hastily and absent-mindedly stuffed my things in a 2-day suitcase thinking I already had enough. But my brother and sister kept popping their heads everywhere I went and so I bit my tongue not to cry. I will miss them on weekdays, I told myself.

The last night I spent in my room, I just couldn’t contain myself that I felt the walls are closing in on me, I tightly embraced my beloved pillow and tried hard enough to get some sleep.

The Boarding House at 2nd Street

Before I left the house the next day Papa was already saying things like “Take care of your belongings ha, you don’t want to be branded burara doon…” I just understood the first two words as me and Mama animatedly chatted about the “this and that” of living in a different world.

My mother and I traveled all the way from Antipolo to Magallanes armed with heavy luggages crammed with all of my belongings. We were racing time because I need to get to my office before 9 o’clock and it’s already 8:45 at the MRT (the super jam-packed train from north to the south). Luckily we got there the quickest time possible.

I introduced Mama to Ate Rica (the so obviously restless land lady). At the gates, I realized Mama was already dubious. At first hello, she was ready to leave. I left her in a hurry in case she changes her mind in sending me off to live here. I went back to work praying. Praying that today will be the last day I’ll ever get late for work, praying that everything’s fine. Everything…everything…

The Panicked and the Aqua Best Residence

Around half past five in the afternoon I started getting text messages from Mama that she’ll be waiting for me at a famous Bakeshop along Pasong Tamo. The words that stuck to me were, “don’t push about moving to Rica’s place. We’ll talk later” Sweet.

By that time I was already in panic. I couldn’t stop thinking what the hell went wrong. Oh but of course I already anticipated her reaction, but does she now detest my moving out? Is she going to stop me too? What in the world really happened?! I was so dying to know.

The thing is, in the office, we have a major deadline to meet and my officemates were eager to extend working hours just to finish the tasks we have. We were loaded you know! From video presentation to so many research, argh! Luckily, I was allowed to leave early.

At the shop Mama told me how she got disappointed with the look and feel of Rica’s Boarding House. She said, “What if you hyperventilate?” I just nodded in agreement. Later on she started talking about a place she kept calling Aqua Best. I wasn’t paying too much attention because I was ready to go back home in Antipolo. Suddenly, we started leaving and I heard her saying, “That place is much better… It’s safer…and the landlady is somewhat motherly. Come on let’s go.”

I just couldn’t believe my fate. As I enter the premises of "The Aqua Best Residence" (of course this isn’t the real name of the boarding house, we were just playing around with it, he-he), I was kind of fidgeting. All the time my mother was transacting and talking to the twin owners Ate Malyn and Ate Evelyn my mind was in outer space. I could not imagine this is really happening.

After getting the receipt and unloading my heavy bags on my new bed we left to grab some of my now personal necessities – 3 pillows, 3 pillow cases, a blanket, a mattress, a bed sheet, toiletries, and vanity items. After nearly spending more than my budget we went back to the boarding house already in a daze.

Mother Knows Best

I settled in at an almost deserted room on the second floor with big grocery plastic bags on both hands. My roommates were still out. It was already half past 10 o’clock in the evening when I started unpacking my things and putting everything inside a chest cabinet I was provided.

Take care of yourself were Mamas’ words as she step out into the cold night, leaving me at the foot of the stairs that’ll take me up to my room on the second floor. I smiled back and told her to do the same and to tell Papa, Nico and Puyin to take care of themselves as well. As I stepped on the first platform up I felt a sudden nostalgia. I wanted to say something more to her. I wanted to tell her how thankful I am that she is with me today and that if she didn’t help me through these, I think I’d be damned.

Mother knows best. Mama knows best.

Friday, July 18, 2008

S.A.K.E. Video Teaser

What's missing from your Saturday mornings' coffee time at *Starbucks?
Yeah, you got it, The Saturday Basher Girls. Well, we've been out for a while doing our own stuff, but we're coming back for another nice cup of Coffee and some rounds of bashing. So sit tight, mount your mugs, feel that aroma of an enticing Cappuccino and we're coming right back at you...Soon...

For those who just can't seem to get enough of The Saturday Basher Girls, well, here's a real treat for all of you. The SAKE & COFFEE video teaser is already out!
Be the first to witness its unveiling here and at the official Basher site.

Friday, July 11, 2008

KS Tracking Video Demo Voice Acting Stint

I just finished recording my voice for KS new package called KS Tracking which will be launched really soon. The script was written by Liezl, the images and animation where compiled and created by KC and a little help from Antoinette, and the voice...ahem...from yours truly.

The whole video was produced yesterday at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Since we all had no clue as to how we're gonna direct the video, we were all urged to study the ever so useful Camtasia Studio. After a few hours of a mind boggling feat with the software we were ready to roll. I did the voice recording while KC and the rest of her gang worked on the animation part. I did it in two versions. First one only has my voice and the second has a background music playing. It's a song called Jack Hammer on instrumentals I downloaded on MP3raid. I thought it sounded good behind the voice pero they didn't liked it and was asked to be removed because the blocking gives no justice to my voice. Anyway, all in all we finished the work in a haste (would anyone believe this?). Well, a few hours and tons of guts it took them to get the video submitted to the boss. So there, ready for approval.

PS. If you're interested about the draft videos, sorry but they don't allow it to be viewed by anyone unless the product is released. But you can start bidding for it. The price starts at $100 US dollars. :P

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweeney Todd Teaser by aynakowes

You might be surprised to see this post just now because as we all know that Sweeney Tood the movie was already shown on cinemas (and was even out on DVD's) already and why am I still calling it "teaser".
Well, for those people who do not have an idea about the movies' official website wherein viewers are allowed to create their own videos and publish them on the official website to be rated, here is your chance to know. I would have to say my credits to my SEO friends who had invited (and influenced) me to watch the movie, because if it weren't for them I wouldn't be able to create this such masterpiece. Charos!

Here it is you Mr.T fans. My own version of the Sweeney Todd Teaser. Enjoy!

Link: Sweeney Todd Teaser by aynakowes

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mamma Mia (Official Trailer)

Disclaimer # 1: I just wish papa could still be there with us when we watch the movie. He'll be getting his visa by tomorrow and by next week his schedule for his flight abroad will be released, and when that day comes, he'll probably just stay with us for a week or two(read: probably). Haayy... Just another wishful thinking. *fingers crossed*

Disclaimer #2: Puyiiiiin!!! If it isn't too much to ask, will you please spend some time in OUR family house, ha? Pwede ba yon? Kasi wala nang naglilinis ng banyo natin eh! Joke. Ano ka ba! Syempre para na kasing hunted ang room mo sa dami ng cobwebs eh(yucky! At di ko talaga nililinis yun noh, ano kala mo sakin). At kinuha ko na lahat ng unan mo! Hahaha. Pillows galore ako! Kaya kung di ka pa uuwi...buburahin ko na sa mapa ang kwarto mo! Whahaha!!!

Ok, now to my main post...
This movie will be one of those Meryl Streep movies that will land on my DVD Hall Of Fame. Imagine singing ABBA songs(Mamma Mia is a personal favorite and so as Nina, Pretty Ballerina), watching Meryl Streep singing and dancing (a far cry from her role in The Devil Wears Prada) and be melted by the piercing blue eyes of Pierce Brosnan and add to that, a mom who just can't stop singing and dancing with this movie. We swooned over the trailer last night on TV(with Koniks' side remarks to change the channel). Luckily, I have my movie passes already so I can watch it on the 18th! Oh Mamma Mia!
"A mother. A daughter. Three possible fathers. A trip down the aisle you'll never forget."

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Weekend Chronicles (Backlogs from my notebook)

Saturday June 28, 2008 – Mother & Son

My eldest cousin, Lema, just gave birth to his second baby boy she named Mark Kevin Descalsote-Blancaflor today at around 6:02 in the evening. Me, my sister Iris, my Ate Lema’s younger siblings Ate Genny and Ate Rosie were all there for nothing more to give her but some resounding gasps and some almost failing support, that is because most of us haven’t eaten lunch, just came from work (that’s me) and had not had proper sleep the day before (must be me as well). This birth, to be honest, is so unexpected. My cousin planned this day to be a joint birthday celebration (because it was her birthday last 27th) and a baby shower. But since her water bag broke while getting a check-up at the Marikina Valley Hospital we had to celebrate just a welcome party for baby Kevin instead.

Sunday, June 29, 2008 – The Ride Back Home

So this really isn’t very eventful okay, but I had some moments while I was sitting beside my younger brother on our way back home in Antipolo – Family support. I witnessed how sometimes family members do not understand why standing together as a family is so important during the most trying or difficult times your life. I say this because honestly I left our house in Marikina and my cousin’s hospital room broken hearted. Sadly, because the parents of my cousin (which were my uncle and auntie) and her other siblings (because they were five in the family and Ate Lema was the eldest) never as in never even intended to visit her in the hospital. I was furious about this that I asked my parents to come over instead. This is because my mother is really the best in our so-called parenting and the most loving and caring mom of all the mom’s in our family (no offense to my tita’s) and my father is the best comedian in the entire clan. I just thought that can put a little smile on my Ate Lemas’ already fear-stricken face. Oh gosh! Didn’t I mention baby Kevin is in dextrose? Well too bad yes he is. He’s a premature baby (only seven months) and the nurses said there was some sort of a brief breathing problem they noticed shortly after he’d been set on the nursery room. Oh I’m really so sad now, sorry.

Anyway, as I sat beside my brother Nico and infront of us were our parents chatting animatedly on something I can’t hear I start a little chat with my brother.

Me: Koniks, nagugutom ka ba?
Koniks: (sharply turns his head to look at me in the eye, smiling.) Yes.
Me: (giggles knowing what’s on his mind) Sige, wait lang ahh…Pagdating natin sa Bayan bili tayo kahit chips.
Koniks: (Smiles sweetly and says…) Yehey!

--the end—