Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breaking dishes

And they say there ain't nothing a girl like me can do to terrorize the neighborhood? Think again when my friends and I started having fun. Ha-ha. Just kidding.

Oh, this makes me feel so like LaLohan in Georgia Rule. Only I don't have a mom like Felicity Huffman (damn) and only got a Jane Fonda aunt (minus the body stats). Getting over it then I have to say that this times 'rule breaking' is definitely the most wicked one I'll ever have in my lifetime.

Reverse and then drive off... really fast.

It started when I was vomiting on the floor of the bar and everyone at the table (including my savior V) had to shove me off of the table and in to the unexpected 'getaway car' of Benj. I could hardly make out what was going on outside even if I'd try so hard to put my head out of the open window. The car isn't moving just yet, don't worry. Until I heard someone, probably Arturo (yeah I guess that's his face), said something like "You have to drive the car really fast!"

I thought he just trying to test Benj's agility or something and so I had to laugh. But when Ken got in to my right dragging Noan by the hand and V on my left almost falling on the floor of the car, and Arturo on the passengers seat looking somewhat harassed and finally Rose ducking on top of Benj on the driver's seat, I knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Or rather stupendously wrong.

We broke off into the night to somewhere just to cool down. I saw crumpled bills on the dashboard of the car and recounted some voices shouting in delight. I had to laugh because I now understand what went wrong. Punks!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Have I told you lately...

...that I'm no good at pretending?

Probably not. But I'm pretty sure that if you've had the chance to sit close to me for at least five minutes (even without talking) you'd tell me I need not say it. But unfortunately for those who had stayed longer than that and still demanded an answer for the question "what the hell is wrong with you?" Think again, my friend.

Because, sadly, you may not be my friend at all.