Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ayn on Myspace

I wrote this when I was like 17 years old. This is how I think and talk back then. Unbelievable. I couldn't imagine how much I've changed since then. Reading this made me laugh but nonetheless made me think of how I look at life and everything else around me during that time. I wish I could be like this once again. Because I'm pretty sure I don't think like this the way I do now. Read on and see what I mean.

"I am forever the girl who's mind is traveling the world... Not lost...just wandering around. They say I'm witty and easy to get along with... I say I'm just simply not the ordinary type... Or they may not know me that well. I'm unconventional and unpredictable... Sometimes people can't stand my guts to just do things the way I want to... I don't blame them... I'm just not that easy. Love, in my opinion, is not blind, it just don't choose to see... Life, I say, is multi-dimensional, never one sided... People, for me, are friends, waiting to be invited to the next block party..."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Going Mobile

“Look, I really don’t know what to say about this, but – um – I’m really not so sure about getting a twitter account, you know. I mean, I want it. I know I’ll need it. I know I can use it. I’ll sure know how to use it when I get my hands on it. But I just don’t think I’m up for this just yet."


Well – um – it’s pretty simple. I have to have a new phone.

I’m not really very much into the latest gadgets you see. I don’t even know what the hell an android phone is. And what are the rest of them again? But I’m not that dumb okay. See I just can hardly identify any practical phone that is considered an innovation to the rest that are out there but I would like to say that I do want to get my hands on one.

Yeah I do!

For real.

In the following months I plan to set aside at least 10% of my monthly salary so that I can come up with a huge amount of money. And I’m not kidding yah. I really plan to buy something that’s worth smashing and crashing. I want to buy something that will break my heart into bits to be stolen when I unconsciously sleep my way on a jeep to Antipolo. I want something that I can parade to my rivals when I pass by them somewhere in some place. And that something that still looks wickedly sleek even when not in use but nonetheless will carry my books around and show me the world without me having to leave my room. A new boyfriend.


To satisfy my aching heart – for a mobile phone that is – I browse the Internet to look for that perfect object of affection. I found a lot. A LOT!

A lot?

Not a lot for buildings you dammit. A lot of stuff, things, mobile phones, narwhals, unicorns, the great cthulhu, Gaiman making fun of Lovecraft, The Romanovs and what’s Rasputin got to do with them and that kinda stuff! Whew! Oh shit, wrong tab.

No, seriously, I found a lot of stuff. The mobile communication industry is definitely booming taking over the dining table, serving you almost everything more than you’ll ever need and filling your plate to the extent where the only effort you’ll ever have to make is to put your dumb fingers on them to feed yourself alone. But don’t fret; they just might look into that option of feeding you by themselves as well if we’re not so dumb enough. Just might.

On this note without much further commotion I bring you 3 mobile phones I might consider buying in the future.

PS. - I’m not a brand conscious person because I honestly don’t know what’s so good about them, you know. But I’m really very mindful about the pricing and up to what level of euphoria it gets me to.

HTC Wildfire. Look at how sexy this is. Not to mention the richness of the color it has on its body. Is that the color of a wildfire? Honestly, the reason I chose this phone is because I'm kinda tired of the Nokia phones already and so as with the temporary high I'm sure I'll only get with the iPhone series. So I tried to find myself the perfect alternative. I just hope this phone will make me go wild positively though.

Samsung Corby Pro (B5310) I have a thing for Samsung phones, you know. That's why I was thinking I'm most probably inclined to buy this one no matter how much I talk about the others. My reason might be the price but I really don't know yet.


Blackberry Bold 9780. This will probably the best bet. Only I was thinking about the thing my friend told me about when we saw one. You need to get a line to maintain a happy ever after with that. And the butterflies are gone.

Another PS. (because I'm a girl) - I also want a camera. Oh yeah, that doesn't have anything to do with going mobile or Twitter. But, well, just in case you ask what I want as a present for my birhtday :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving Bore-[duh]-m

Almost everyday of my work life is a stretch between being burned-out to zombie bored. What with all these Link Acquisition stuff I can’t get done?! Anyway, it’s not our problem. So I won’t bore you with the details that go beyond both our comprehension… blah…blah… blah.

The typical day at work doesn’t end with a few sigh deserving blogs and laughing moments from our favorite blogs and online comic site. So my advice is if you’re bored to death in your fully reclinable chair get a laughing fix from one of these awesome sites. But if your nutshell’s pretty dense well… I don’t know what else to do about you. - Hilarity at its best. And they're really selling their comic books. How cool is that? - “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die…” No, you won't find this line on this site but I just have this song on my brain since Friday night I went out with my office friends. Sorry. - found this site from my Link Acquisition feat. Architects beware. - a hamburger a day keeps you sane all day. – this page from the main site is lethal. You open it and you’re done. Don’t say I didn’t warn yah! - I only get to finish quiz 1 and it took me the whole day to answer them all with the help of my seatmate Mariang Busog. Is it heavy? No. It’s totally wicked! - One page of Murakami's greatness is enough to give me that much inspiration to continue writing my book. LOL - watch out for the cats! - from one of my Link Acquisition feat. Nope, this is not you’re looking at. - This is Design for Japan. This is the site where I realized that the colors Red and White are now my most favorite colors.

To cap off our list of sites to keep the boredom away, here's one page I'm syre you will always look at each and everytime you don't get to eat Bacon - 100 ways to use a stick of bacon

Here's to a less boring day at work. Cheers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Addicted to Facebook Am I?

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal


Here's a list of people who makes me loose my cool on a fine day like this.

DISCLAIMER: Not intended to be read by anyone who has the tendency to be hurt by their own pride. Egoistic bastards may leave but if you're fine, then be my guest.

10. People whose job is to speak to Americans yet are not able to convey well with the language required.

9. People who play with their keyboard or is probably tapping it too loud so everyone inside the building can hear that they’re freaking busy working. But we don’t know honestly, we’re not so sure what you do because I think you’re still not tapping loud enough for us to determine this.

8. People who leave traces of what they ate for snack on the desk and on the carpeted floor consequently attracting the building mouse to our floor, stupid!

7. People who post their pictures on the cubicle wall as if it is their very own photo album subsequently turning it into their bedroom complete with post-its from their special someone.

6. People who say their farewells for the day to co-workers repeatedly, like repeatedly you know for the nth time you know that it’s been like 15mins from the time they initiated to leave to the time they actually made the leave. Some times I want to offer my leg to just kick them out the door. Long goodbyes are always an awkward feat, I know. But just get the hell out of here!!!

5. People who put up the seat cover of the toilet bowl. I sometimes think I’m in the wrong room. Only men do that when they pee on the toilet bowl if you know manners.

4. And talking about manners, you don’t cheer your own office mates to piss other office mates because you think your own office mates are doing well (sarcastically singing out of their wits) and are better than your other office mates.

3. People who don’t take responsibility of what they’re really responsible for.

2. People who sing aloud the entire Tatooed on my Mind song inside an office with a good number of copywriters and SEO Specialists.

1. People who laughs boisterously inside an office with a good number of copywriters and SEO Specialists.

Hidden connotation of this post: Shame on you people who mean nothing but piss me off my work mode! Shame on you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's next?

I will definitely train for this. Hope to see you all there! ^_^

Hyundai Run for a Cause 2011

Walking in the monumental street leading to the Quirino Grandstand at around 4:30 in the morning seems strangely easy. But running isn't.

Straight from the land of cold waters in the morning and wind-burnt people Antipolo City I head straight to Kamias road for a rendevouz with my running mate Anak Ni Matchete at exactly 3am. After a couple more minutes of trying to look awesome in our Singlets and running outfits, we finally waved my partners dear doggies goodbye and decided to head out the door and commute to the venue.

For a total of P170 we got to Quirino Grandstand at exactly 4:30am. We had to step out of the cab a block away from the venue proper since there's already a heavy traffic leading to the entrance of the stadium and not to mention our meter's already ticked too much to bare. The moment I stepped out of the cab and my feet hit the concreted streets the can of Baccus started to kick in. I walked so eagerly to the bathroom to relieve myself and took so much time to pin my Bib on when a booming voice was heard all over the place.

The Hyundai Fun Run 2011
is about to begin.

Standing before the stage watching and heartily following Regine Tolentino and Boom Gonzales demonstrate some warm-up exercises for us runners I repeatedly heard them say "so…the gunstart is about to go in a few minutes for our runners of 10k Wave A". Then it dawned at me, "what the hell are we doing here watching this program when we're supposed to be at the starting line?!" We were for 10K Wave C, by the way. "And where is the Starting Line anyway?!" I continued evidently alarmed at the thought. Startled, my partner began asking random people and then finally event marshalls about where we're supposed to be. Freaking out in the middle of an already catastrophic state of a beginner makes you pee more. So I made another trip to the portalet and the necessary sign of the cross praying my feet, knees, heart and lungs don't give in. Then suddenly the gunstart was off for the first wave. This means we must be in our freaking position.

Walking to the square for Wave C my partner met a couple of familiar faces. Watching them and hearing them talk animatedly about their anticipations of this run and I’m just left standing there amidst some giants and running veterans in the tracking field (be it literally, i have to say) made me feel so damn weird. I see numerous people who have gadgets clasped on their arms for seems like a personal time recordings or something, earphones clogged in their ears and all that, great looking running shoes and guess what? No bags! No bags!!! Hell yeah not one tiny bit of luggage with them! Timidly I looked at my self and was horrified at how poorly dressed I am. Thank God I have here a 5’9 male running mate who can carry my backpack effortlessly because if I don’t I’d probably just be watching this run from the sidelines.

As soon as my partner and his friends (I didn’t catch his name. I was probably busy flexing my muscles you know) were done talking we started to make our way to the front of the line. Moments later my gaze fell on the gigantic silk screen at the right side of the road. From that thing, my partner and I saw how unbelievably populated this event is. It’s like half of the entire oval of the Quirino Grandstand was covered with people donning the white, blue and green Hyundai Fun Run singlet.

And I was! There were hundreds, if not thousands of eager beavers who woke up this early just to run. And I'm not exagerrating this, okay. Because as I stand in line here at the square with fellow Wave C runners, I can see that there are still a hundred more behind us getting ready for their turn to run. Amazed as I was suddenly something nagged. I realized that I haven't done enough warm-up yet! Oh what, that Regine-Tolentino-warm-up exercise? Um, well...yeah. Actually, my legs feel just fine so I think I'm good. Ok, not that this is a real marathon or anything it's just that I'm concerned about finishing this run and still have my legs on in one-piece when it's all done. Seriously. But as I think about doing another round of warm-up another gunstart was fired and Wave B was off. Slowly as the departing wave fade in the break of dawn our wave was asked to move forward before the starting line. Our wave started hooting, cheering, clapping and then raising their fists with euphoric anticipation because in about 30mins we will be the next ones running our ass off the street. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I need to pee again!

Going for it

Hey have I told you that this was my first time running a marathon? No? Oh… yeah I didn't. Well, that's probably because I kept telling myself that I'm really not so new about this too. You see, incase you didn't notice, I also do have some athletic skills if you don’t mind me saying. Yeah well I know I lack the height for one but believe me I am athletic! You know when I was in Elementary I was my classmates hero in Soccer. It stopped when my father bought me a set of roller blades. For 2 years in high school I was a varsity Softball player, second base and a hitter. That also stopped when my boobs started getting bigger. Then very recently I learned swimming and ultimate frisbee. It stopped because I had a boyfriend who was so in to longboarding that I got myself hooked on it as well. You see? I'm okay, right? I can do it! I can do this!





Now stop. Freeze. Rewind.

Two weeks ago Anak Ni Machete registered himself for this free fun run offered by Korean car company Hyundai. He asked if I want to join him knowing I'm into being fit as well and that I'm into doing stuff I haven't tried yet. Ultimately, said yes. Since the registration for the 5K run was already full and there were only two choices of either 5K or 10K run we chose the 10K instead. Back then nothing about this seemed to matter to me. Until one day when I had the chance to finally assess my planner and count the days before the run was when I realized that we only have two weeks left to train.

Two weeks. That's all we have. Running tips and forum sites were always saying we needed at least 8 weeks to prepare for the 10K, needless to say for us to be able to run with body unharmed. So, being the scaredy-cat at first-times I trained like mad. I stopped smoking leisurely, ate rightfully and jogged as much as I can after work, at night or during the weekends. The first week I trained together with my partner, Anak Ni Matchete, since he has the right training tools in his place. But when I finally moved back to my hometown I had to just jogged on my own around our Subdivision. All in all I was able to improve my running capacity. Before, I could run 3 minutes before collapsing. Now, I could do 10! Wuhoo!!!

Back to reality
Do I really think I can do this? Is 10 minutes running capacity enough for this 10-kilometer run? Thinking about it again I nearly collapsed in utter bewilderment when a photographer asked for a photo of me with my partner the towering Anak Ni Machete. I hurriedly put my weight on him and smiled scarcely for the camera. After the photographer left our side my partner turned to me, smiled sweetly and cheered to me convincingly the world's greatest one word motivator of all "yes!!!" Suddenly, we were off.

Hi-ho, Silver, away!

Walking – Jogging – Running. Then I go back to walking again. Went back to jogging again. Now I’m running again. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe to you entirely how good it felt for me running that 10K stretch from the *Quirino Grandstand to Edsa but I guess all I can say is that I made it! I really, really, really made it! I may have done the run-walk-run thing but for me that's not bad at all knowing that when I saw the 5K mark I realized I wasn't that too tired yet and that I still want to keep going!

I kept telling myself that maybe part of my
sudden outburst of strength should be credited to the can of energy drink and carbs I had about an hour before the run. But then again I realized that the real motivation came from somewhere right over here. Yeah, this spot that relates to you how epic that run was and how positive that this won't be the last marathon I'll take on. Yeah, I really think I should say I owe it to myself. So thank you, dear self, for not giving up and for allowing yourself to improve physically. Also, thank you to my partner – Anak Ni Machete – who’s been with me through defying moments while preparing for this run and in the end had to drag me by the hand to the finish line because my eyes are getting hot with tears, tears that may have been drawn out of joy or out of almost ceaseless feat of physical exertion, just so we both finish what we’ve already started. To my new idol Jerry Radam, thank you! I have to say that it was you who posted that Hyundai Fun Run link and influenced my partner to register us both. Lastly, thank you Hyundai for this opportunity. You guys are so kind. I love you with all my heart.

Okay, well I think now I can say it's not that hard running around Quirino Grandstand in the wee hours of the day. But then again I guess that's just easily done when you've had enough Baccus in you, you have a skilled carved out of wood partner, and your fitness idol does not go by the name of Regine Tolentino. He-he. Peace out.

HERE'S MY RACE RESULT: "I swear, I'm going to do better next time."

* According to runners who had garmins, that stretch from Quirion Grandstand to Edsa
is not exactly 10 Kilometers. The organizers added 3-4km more.