Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving Bore-[duh]-m

Almost everyday of my work life is a stretch between being burned-out to zombie bored. What with all these Link Acquisition stuff I can’t get done?! Anyway, it’s not our problem. So I won’t bore you with the details that go beyond both our comprehension… blah…blah… blah.

The typical day at work doesn’t end with a few sigh deserving blogs and laughing moments from our favorite blogs and online comic site. So my advice is if you’re bored to death in your fully reclinable chair get a laughing fix from one of these awesome sites. But if your nutshell’s pretty dense well… I don’t know what else to do about you. - Hilarity at its best. And they're really selling their comic books. How cool is that? - “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die…” No, you won't find this line on this site but I just have this song on my brain since Friday night I went out with my office friends. Sorry. - found this site from my Link Acquisition feat. Architects beware. - a hamburger a day keeps you sane all day. – this page from the main site is lethal. You open it and you’re done. Don’t say I didn’t warn yah! - I only get to finish quiz 1 and it took me the whole day to answer them all with the help of my seatmate Mariang Busog. Is it heavy? No. It’s totally wicked! - One page of Murakami's greatness is enough to give me that much inspiration to continue writing my book. LOL - watch out for the cats! - from one of my Link Acquisition feat. Nope, this is not you’re looking at. - This is Design for Japan. This is the site where I realized that the colors Red and White are now my most favorite colors.

To cap off our list of sites to keep the boredom away, here's one page I'm syre you will always look at each and everytime you don't get to eat Bacon - 100 ways to use a stick of bacon

Here's to a less boring day at work. Cheers!

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