Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here's a list of people who makes me loose my cool on a fine day like this.

DISCLAIMER: Not intended to be read by anyone who has the tendency to be hurt by their own pride. Egoistic bastards may leave but if you're fine, then be my guest.

10. People whose job is to speak to Americans yet are not able to convey well with the language required.

9. People who play with their keyboard or is probably tapping it too loud so everyone inside the building can hear that they’re freaking busy working. But we don’t know honestly, we’re not so sure what you do because I think you’re still not tapping loud enough for us to determine this.

8. People who leave traces of what they ate for snack on the desk and on the carpeted floor consequently attracting the building mouse to our floor, stupid!

7. People who post their pictures on the cubicle wall as if it is their very own photo album subsequently turning it into their bedroom complete with post-its from their special someone.

6. People who say their farewells for the day to co-workers repeatedly, like repeatedly you know for the nth time you know that it’s been like 15mins from the time they initiated to leave to the time they actually made the leave. Some times I want to offer my leg to just kick them out the door. Long goodbyes are always an awkward feat, I know. But just get the hell out of here!!!

5. People who put up the seat cover of the toilet bowl. I sometimes think I’m in the wrong room. Only men do that when they pee on the toilet bowl if you know manners.

4. And talking about manners, you don’t cheer your own office mates to piss other office mates because you think your own office mates are doing well (sarcastically singing out of their wits) and are better than your other office mates.

3. People who don’t take responsibility of what they’re really responsible for.

2. People who sing aloud the entire Tatooed on my Mind song inside an office with a good number of copywriters and SEO Specialists.

1. People who laughs boisterously inside an office with a good number of copywriters and SEO Specialists.

Hidden connotation of this post: Shame on you people who mean nothing but piss me off my work mode! Shame on you!


Anonymous said...

Wahahaha. Meron mga familiar dyan ah! XD

Marye said...

Parang alam at kilala ko kung saan at sino'to ah! Hehe.

Ayn Descalsote said...

To anonymous: lahat sila yan! lahat sila yan! *palo* O_o

To Marye: Sana kilala din ng buong mundo itong mga taong to para di na tularan. HAHAHA ang sama ko na!