Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ayn on Myspace

I wrote this when I was like 17 years old. This is how I think and talk back then. Unbelievable. I couldn't imagine how much I've changed since then. Reading this made me laugh but nonetheless made me think of how I look at life and everything else around me during that time. I wish I could be like this once again. Because I'm pretty sure I don't think like this the way I do now. Read on and see what I mean.

"I am forever the girl who's mind is traveling the world... Not lost...just wandering around. They say I'm witty and easy to get along with... I say I'm just simply not the ordinary type... Or they may not know me that well. I'm unconventional and unpredictable... Sometimes people can't stand my guts to just do things the way I want to... I don't blame them... I'm just not that easy. Love, in my opinion, is not blind, it just don't choose to see... Life, I say, is multi-dimensional, never one sided... People, for me, are friends, waiting to be invited to the next block party..."

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