Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going to Sagada

Yun oh.

Dear Pison,

We really have to make this happen. Sagada is almost within reach and I assure you, the pictures you see online can never define all the memories we'll make there. This'll be the second of the many more ultimate adventures we'll take on as Pison!

Well anyway, eto na ang breakdown ng magagastos natin papunta at pabalik ng Sagada for 3 days and 2 nights. Sa transportation meron tayo 2 choices pero pinili ko na ang Regular bus ng Victory Liner (air-conditioned pa rin to) dahil mas mura to kesa dun sa isa.
Autobus Terminal - P450 (Manila Terminal)
Victory Liner - P400 (Cubao Edsa Terminal)
* Manila to Baguio pa lang to :)

From Baguio sakay tayo ng taxi (P50) papunta sa GL Liner, kasi medyo malayo to para lakarin tapos dala pa natin mga gamit. Haha. Nag-explain pa ko. Amp. Anyway, another bus ride, P200-250 (price range), this time papunta na ng Sagada.

Sa accomodation meron tayong 3 choices: Rock Inn, St. Joseph Inn, Sagada Guest house (George's Guest house). Below are lists of ideal room rates para satin. Pag-usapan na lang natin yung plano sa sharing :)

St. Joseph's Inn

Cottage (with our own hot + cold water, kitchen and living room)
P1,700 - good for 3
P2,000 - good for 4
P3,500 - good for 8

contact person: Julia Abad 0928-9517156
St. Jo's website click here

georges-guest-house-sagada-accomodationSAGADA ACCOMODATION #2:
George's Guest house

E-4 - Ordinary type (shared bathroom with other guests) - 6 single beds = P1,200
E-5 - Toilet and Bath + TV (no kitchen) - 1 Twin bed + 2 Single bed = P1,400
E- 6 - With Kitchen and cable TV - 1 Twin bed + 2 Single bed = P1500
E-7 - With Kitchen and cable TV - 1 Twin bed + 3 Single bed = P1875
Room #4 - with private toilet and bath - 4 single = P1,200
Room #2 - Twin bed = P400
Room #6 - Twin bed= P600
Check out this blog for pictures of their rooms. Click here.

Rock Inn

Attic room - can accomodate 18 people P250/person
Bunk room - P450/person
contact person: Bang Omengan 0920-9095899
*dito, kung ito ang trip natin, kailangan ipareserve ng solid para satin lang ibigay ang Attic room. Kasi kung hinde, pwedeng may makasama tayong iba :(

Para sa suggestion ni Tan - Camping! Meron din Camp site sa Sagada pero 5 hours walk. Mt. Buasao. Kailangan lang natin bayaran yung guide papunta dun. Ang rate nya from P500-P1000+. Forgot to take note of his name pero his number is 0919-3363199.

So, to sum it all up, ganito ang breakdown ng gastos natin na may budget na P3,000.

If we choose....

Rock Inn...
Accomodation - Attic room 3 days and 2 nights: P750
Fare - Regular Bus Victory Liner to Baguio: P400
Taxi to GL Liner Terminal: P100
Baguio to Sagada: P200
PAUWI - Sagada to Bontoc (jeep): P35
Bontoc to Manila: P600
TOTAL: P2,085/person

St. Joseph's Inn...
Accomodation - Cottage: P1,312.50 <---(3,500 cottage / 8person x 3 days = P1,312.50) Fare - Regular Bus Victory Liner to Baguio: P400 Taxi to GL Liner Terminal: P100 Baguio to Sagada: P200 PAUWI - Sagada to Bontoc (jeep): P35 Bontoc to Manila: P600
TOTAL: P2,647.50/person

Sagada Guest house...
Accomodation - E-7 (sample lang :P) :P1,125 <---(1,875 E-7 / 5 person x 3 days = P1,125) Fare - Regular Bus Victory Liner to Baguio: P400 Taxi to GL Liner Terminal: P100 Baguio to Sagada: P200 PAUWI - Sagada to Bontoc (jeep): P35 Bontoc to Manila: P600
TOTAL: P2,460/person

Sa Camping trip kailangan lang natin magdala ng mga gamit - tent, headlamps, sleeping bags etc.

Kung iniisip nyo naman kung ano mga pwedeng kainan sa Sagada maraming swak na spot din naman.


Log Cabin Buffet
. Serving French cuisine - P350. May fireplace pa!


Ganduyan Inn/Museum
. Breakfast all day! (may Entrance fee P25). Ito yung store sa left side ng picture.


Yoghurt House
. Sabi ng officemate ko dito daw ang pinakamasarap na home-made yogurt na natikman nya. Sabi naman ng mga reviews masarap dito dahil after mo mag cave connections ito yung unang una mong mapupuntahan. Pwede rin pala uminom dito. Medyo mahal ang food compared sa iba.

Cuisina Igorota - parang ordinary carinderia lang din yung presyo (no picture)

Sa inuman naman pa tayo 2 choices Shamrock(no picture) at Persimoon Cafe.

BTW, may curfew sa Sagada! Pag uminom tayo sa labas ng accomodation natin hanggang 9pm lang tayo pwede kundi huhulihin tayo ng mga lespu!

Activities na pwede:
Swimming sa Sagada? Why not!
May Hot Spring dun. Ang tawag - MAINIT Hot Spring (no joke!)
Biking? Pwede rin!
Mountain Biking rental with Steve - 0919-6988361
Hiking? Kung kaya ni Benj! Hahaha
Mount Ampucao. Site daw to ng mga cellular towers sa buong Sagada. Dito lang may signal. Kaya kailangan natin to talaga puntahan. LOL joke lang.

Last but not the least, Fiesta sa Sagada this February. Starting first week of Feb, every weekend may kemeng street party ata sila. So, so, so, kung ito na ang trip... Les doo deezzz!

More photos from kaibigang Fritz: Sagada in Full colors

Monday, January 10, 2011

Peace Man

You know I went to mass yesterday. Out of all the things I could have done (which I would consider productive in the rate of beer drinking and time spent hanging out in my room or with friends) I mechanically went to hear mass. This maybe because of the course I've taken as I entered the new year, which was highly dictated by my mother, but no, thinking about it again I really think maybe not.

As I was standing there hearing the sermon I realized my attention isn't about what's on the gospel. I was somewhere else.

My mother called me the other night and told me they needed money (yet again). And I said I had none left to send them (also a yet again). Since that conversation depression was up to chest level. And true enough I started feeling depressed. I was watching a movie made by Rob Zombie (as suggested by a friend when asked which horror movie is worth watching among the list of horror films in the category) - which I ultimately decided to forget the title of when this happened. While watching it and thinking crossly about my conversation with Mama I thought to myself, this is so damn depressing. Yeah. Days after I am still feeling the same. Always down with the weather and hyper sensitive. I missed a lot of people (even the ones I am already seeing on an almost daily basis). I dislike the taste of food. Hate the taste of water. Always longing for a drunken night cap and most importantly thinking miserably that my room (no matter how intricately small it is in squaremeters with no bed and just an elongated doormat to sleep at) is still the best place in the world for hanging out.

Honestly, I am lonely. So lonely I don't really want to vent about my life issues to anyone - because I know it'll scare even my closest friends away. But I just want some close friends to talk to and have a laugh out of this misery because I still believe in the saying that laughter is still the best medicine. But sadly no one was there for me. I miss everyone who was always there to make me laugh or to give me that unforgiving hug to the extent that it squashes my boobs so hard I want to slap them back instead. But no I won't. I really wont. Because I missed that.

For some reasons my feet dragged me to church yesterday after storming away from a friend's house while I was under a spell telling me that I am being intentionally ignored. You know what they say about things happening for a reason? Yeah that shit doesn't work too much of itself for me. Because I don't know what the hell am I doing inside the church! I tried so hard to pay attention but my mind is so blank I couldn't even move. But then after a while and for some reasons I felt silence. Although the church was packed with all shades of Catholics from the basement to the ceiling and how mostly some of them talked while the priest was telling anecdotes about how we should all be proud to be part of God's family and all that crap which is kinda phat from the way he said it that time, I felt warm and silenced. All of a sudden I was not mad. I lost all thoughts or running away and then just plain wanting to see everyone I love so dearly.

When I got back home I cried a lot. I cried like i was broken-hearted once again. Like a child hiding under the pillow so mama won't hear me and so she can leave me alone. And the best of all, I cried because i still don't know what's wrong with me and that what I've done (running away and those shitty sulking stuff because-you-punks-are-ignoring-me) is purely an effect of my stupidity and indecision.

So I told myself I wanted peace of mind. I want to stop thinking. I want a clean slate. When I ran away from my friend and was already aboard the jeepney feeling all sentimental and broken inside i saw my friend standing on the side of the street. He must have tried chasing me back so i would know i really don't have to leave and that we can talk about it and all. But i was still mean and unforgiving like i had too much guts that time until I finally reached home.