Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Year - End Special (Part 1)

Looking back, I don't understand why I didn't have enough time to even write a single post about Christmas. I was checking my weekly report submitted every Monday morning to my boss in Singapore and I realize I was doing nothing but the same stuff I had been doing for the last 6 months at work. I couldn't believe it myself. How I had failed to update my blog with my misadventures is really disappointing me big time. Anyway, I won't sulk on that anymore. Instead I'll... err... just highlight the most memorable things (good and bad, that has happened to me . All in the spirit of Christmas. Yeheeee!

1. January - A.) Best friend Tin (Stacy) left office to pursue a life in Singapore. Oh well, she hadn't really left the country yet, but that marked the start of the revolution in my call center life. I remember the feeling that when she's gone nothing will be the same again at work. And I was right. She was one of my mentors, one of the people who had kept the fire burning inside our frozen hearts. When she left, we felt frozen alive. B.) My forgetful and misleading memory. I marked my calendar for my other best friend Cute's (Andie) birthday - January 28. Later did I found out that it was on the 21st. A huge gap between me and her came upon and we had lost touch. It took us months for her to finally forgive me and for me to finally accept I have a bad memory.

2. February - Basher Girls was born. On the 16th of February, sitting at Starbucks, The Shang were four girls who had not stopped ranting and bashing the most tormenting, unbearable and if not the most horrible people in our lives (ahem) from nine o'clock in the morning until about two in the afternoon. Coffee has brought us all together. Oh but of course it really wasn't the start, but it was indeed the start of the every Saturday Basher session and the mission to dine at all the S'bucks branch in the Philippines, take pictures and make all our detractors drool over us. That of course never happened. Ahek!

3. March - South of the border, West of the Sun by Murakami. This, I remember so well, but not the story verbatim or anything close to that, you know my memory capacity right? Anyway, this book jumpstarted the whole book reading mania in me again. After this I could hardly remember myself not reading a single book every month.

4. April - An emotional month for me. This, now, I no longer understand why had happened to me (and why was it remarkable anyway haha). But seriously, I read a few of my previous friendster blog counts and I was suddenly reminded of that thing we call ... (ahem)... emotionally unstable.

5. May - My retirement from the call center life. Yeah, freedom! Wuhoo! Well, I really hadn't had the chance to say that out loud when I was walking out the door and realizing I would miss it all again some time soon. And I was right. Right here, right now, I'm finally admitting I miss the call center life. Because I get to drink coffee without conviction. Whahehehe adik!

6. June - A.) My shopping spree birthday celebration. Okay, just for the record, I didn't really get to spend that much amount of money on stuff, you know, but what I did is just bought myself an entire new wardrobe and then feed my family to the fullest with my most favorite foods in the world (that is roasted chicken and Sansrival cake, yum!) B.) The Case with my ex. Okay, for the first time in months I am again talking about this serious encounter with my ex-boyfriend and his so-called wife. The war of the words was awful and really heartbreaking knowing that finally I had found the courage to shut the feeling down of wanting to fight back. I remember I was in an emotional turmoil fearing that my courage will soon melt away. But then I also remember how my friends had stood beside me during those times, reminding me that I am just gonna be fine.

To be continued....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That's Not My Name

That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings at the Victoria's Secret 2008-2009

Damn this song is sooo catchy! And how about mixing it and then use it as a runway song for the Victoria's Secret models to play with. Oohh, I love it!