Friday, May 20, 2011


Twenty-six years ago, in the warm morning of June, I cried my first lungful of air. My mother, Irene, still exhausted and crying over the pain I brought upon her (it was also her first), forgot all about the importance of a first name. Instead of thinking of a name related to our culture (a cross between Latin and Chinese) or our religion (Catholic), she came up with the easiest letter in the alphabet that’s after Papa’s name, and then looked out the window of the Emergency room and cleverly thought of…a rainbow.

They then tried to write it with style. And, as if they knew I would like my name by doing this, they finally decided that it would mean the world to me if my name stands alone…just all by itself before our family name. Hereafter, this is where our story transpires.

In my entrance to the world plays the song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears and as the year ends I was concluded by “Careless Whisper” by Wham! I heard somebody said before that the song that was number one on the same year you were born will serve as the soundtrack of your life. Like a theme that explains every teeth-gritting, nerve-racking, brain-freezing, heart-pounding, feet-jumping, butt-tossing, hand-clapping, throat-grazing episodes of your life. So just go figure.

In history, on the same year I was born people were already confronted by another girl whose character punches more than her own fists can, around the world and across every nation. Her name was Madonna. Her “Like a Virgin” hit was first heard during the time my body inside my Mama’s tummy is beginning to look more human. Oh, I could go on narrating my birth like this, you know. But I’ll spare you the details because I don’t want you to think of what a creep I am. So instead, I’ve listed some important events in history that transpired during the time I was born. But you know this won’t really change anything. Like my name. Fuck that. Anyway, I wish I could have anything changed by this, but no. However, perhaps, with high hopes, it can somehow change the way you perceive me.


…the teen drama movie The Breakfast Club was born.

…the first (and the highest-grossing) Back to the Future film was released.

…the Color Purple by Steven Spielberg (my favorite unconventional pick from the couch movie) was released. This was Whoopi Goldberg’s and Oprah Winfrey’s film debut.

…here in the Philippines, Scorpion Nights by Peque Gallaga was shown. If you’ve researched enough about the popularity of this film, you should know that a Korean movie release in 2001 called Summertime was based on the story of this Pinoy pride.

The Goonies that starred Lord of the Rings’ Sam – Sean Astin – first starred in.

Amanda Seyfried who played the Red Riding Hood on its re-maked version this year, Kaley Cuoco of the Big Bang Theory and Yulia Volkova from T.A.T.U were born.

Ok, so what does that mean? What the hell am I trying to imply here? Um... I don't know. I was just hoping I'd have some other basis in explaining whatever I have become today. Ok, well going back to hoping I'd made you change your perception of me. Seriously now, I don’t want to change anything. Except for my name. I mean, why not Alyson or Ericka or Gabriella…Amanda? Kaley? How about Yulia or Mila or Angelina…or (insert name here)

Dear Friends,

To the very few of you who could get the RIGHT date of my birthday, here’s the only gift that I would ask from you.

On a piece of paper, or a a blank sheet of e-mail page, write anything you think of me, anything that reminds you of me, how you see me, how you feel about me, and what you really, really, really you want to tell me. If it happens that we’ve only met once, tell me what you thought of me that first time you saw me. If in any case we have only been acquainted because of a common friend, tell me what made you consider me deserve your friendship. Tell me a story that connects you to me or me to you. What makes us clique? What me us talk a while? What made us laugh? What made us cry? Or, what made you sit beside me and share a conversations that starts with just the simple acceptance of letting me stay beside you?

Write a little longer for me as I enjoy reading too much that it will surely hurt me to read just a few lines. After this, send the piece of paper to this address:

#3 Cor Apollo and Ares Dr. Grandvalley Ph-2 Mahabang Parang Angono, Rizal

or e-mail that to me at:

My birthday is exactly a month from this date. So you have plenty of time to send your letters. I really hope to get a letter from you by then. Because your letter could mean a whole lot more to me. You just don’t know it. Your letter could tell a story about me even I myself have never ever heard of before. And your letter could make that difference a twenty-six year gap from 1985 has never done before.