Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Going Mobile

“Look, I really don’t know what to say about this, but – um – I’m really not so sure about getting a twitter account, you know. I mean, I want it. I know I’ll need it. I know I can use it. I’ll sure know how to use it when I get my hands on it. But I just don’t think I’m up for this just yet."


Well – um – it’s pretty simple. I have to have a new phone.

I’m not really very much into the latest gadgets you see. I don’t even know what the hell an android phone is. And what are the rest of them again? But I’m not that dumb okay. See I just can hardly identify any practical phone that is considered an innovation to the rest that are out there but I would like to say that I do want to get my hands on one.

Yeah I do!

For real.

In the following months I plan to set aside at least 10% of my monthly salary so that I can come up with a huge amount of money. And I’m not kidding yah. I really plan to buy something that’s worth smashing and crashing. I want to buy something that will break my heart into bits to be stolen when I unconsciously sleep my way on a jeep to Antipolo. I want something that I can parade to my rivals when I pass by them somewhere in some place. And that something that still looks wickedly sleek even when not in use but nonetheless will carry my books around and show me the world without me having to leave my room. A new boyfriend.


To satisfy my aching heart – for a mobile phone that is – I browse the Internet to look for that perfect object of affection. I found a lot. A LOT!

A lot?

Not a lot for buildings you dammit. A lot of stuff, things, mobile phones, narwhals, unicorns, the great cthulhu, Gaiman making fun of Lovecraft, The Romanovs and what’s Rasputin got to do with them and that kinda stuff! Whew! Oh shit, wrong tab.

No, seriously, I found a lot of stuff. The mobile communication industry is definitely booming taking over the dining table, serving you almost everything more than you’ll ever need and filling your plate to the extent where the only effort you’ll ever have to make is to put your dumb fingers on them to feed yourself alone. But don’t fret; they just might look into that option of feeding you by themselves as well if we’re not so dumb enough. Just might.

On this note without much further commotion I bring you 3 mobile phones I might consider buying in the future.

PS. - I’m not a brand conscious person because I honestly don’t know what’s so good about them, you know. But I’m really very mindful about the pricing and up to what level of euphoria it gets me to.

HTC Wildfire. Look at how sexy this is. Not to mention the richness of the color it has on its body. Is that the color of a wildfire? Honestly, the reason I chose this phone is because I'm kinda tired of the Nokia phones already and so as with the temporary high I'm sure I'll only get with the iPhone series. So I tried to find myself the perfect alternative. I just hope this phone will make me go wild positively though.

Samsung Corby Pro (B5310) I have a thing for Samsung phones, you know. That's why I was thinking I'm most probably inclined to buy this one no matter how much I talk about the others. My reason might be the price but I really don't know yet.


Blackberry Bold 9780. This will probably the best bet. Only I was thinking about the thing my friend told me about when we saw one. You need to get a line to maintain a happy ever after with that. And the butterflies are gone.

Another PS. (because I'm a girl) - I also want a camera. Oh yeah, that doesn't have anything to do with going mobile or Twitter. But, well, just in case you ask what I want as a present for my birhtday :)

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