Friday, August 22, 2008

|| Boys + Boys + Boys ||

1. MJ - My 2000 Mr. & Ms. AMA escort. He's the typical boy-next door and a computer junkie.

2. Naruto - Well, he obviously he is a child at heart.

3. Mamuro - The guy who could've been my older brother because of his unparalleled love and care.

4. Ken - the guy who had been there for me in unimaginable ways. The guy who made me believe that romantic scenes in soap operas aren't just seen on t.v.

5. Deejay - the guy who could shag anyone at first sight. Gosh, too bad I was one of the 'anyones'.

6. Gavin - my ultimate dreamboy. Who would've thought that we could really hit it!

7. Borge - the guy who'd rather live and die cruising the world over.

8. Decoy - Here goes my super stalker ex-boyfriend.

9. Leon - Sssshhh..."Cause if you run your mouth and brag about this secret rendezvous I will hunt you down". (Touch my Body, Mariah Carey)

10. Harvey - the missionary who saved my life, enough said.