Sunday, October 31, 2010

not on my desk

Here are some stuff I've been scribbling while I'm physically located at work but psychologically not. Sorry but most of the times this happens. this corner
stands in the horridness of boredom
accentuated by aloftness
covered in a cloud of smoke
emulsified by praises and weirded eyes
we play.

key in lust
know when to use it
make way for that line
never a minute, never from a single stand
we play.


when there is time to think, you wont
when the air is pressed, you can't
when space is white, you darken

I did this and i did that
you had this and you had that
acceptance at hand
comprehension is bland

I don't know how to explain these to be honest with you because my mind was just playing around so in case you're finding these lines ridiculous then we'll all have to wait until Christmas. Haha. Just kidding.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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