Sunday, October 3, 2010

Did you hear that, mother?

You know what day it is today? It's Sunday. And I'm sure you know what's the most important thing in the life of a catholic family when it's Sunday, right? No stupid, not watch Manny Pacquiao match, mass! Mass, right?

Oh don't roll your eyes on me now because I'm telling you what your about to read is something you'll surely remember for the rest of your life. I mean it.

First off, I gotta tell you something about myself. Okay, I know this is painful for both you and I but I really gotta do this or else you'll miss the whole point on why am I blogging an episode of my life on a lazy day Sunday. I promise to keep it short but straight. So here we go.

I'm already twenty-five years old and I still haven't finished college. I stopped in my sophomore year. When I left school I went to work in a call center for three years. I did that because I had to save money so I can go back to school. During that time my parents were starting to get really bored of my collegiate prattles that they felt they needed a break. Anyway, so I worked hard and earned quite a few. My plan was to continue studying even if I was working during the graveyard shifts. That never happened. Why? Good question. Well, not because the graveyard shift gave me unhealthy sleeping patterns but because of these - the money was scarce, my parents became ruthlessly uncaring about our education and was content of having a mediocre life spent huddled up in the mountains far from civilization and I became the unfortunate go-to person in the entire family so as to say the bread-winner. I did another job as a copywriter because my parents felt that my obligation isn't done yet and that my newly acquired position as the bread-winner wasn't well kept. So this time I earned a lot better. Better enough to send me back to school. But still I couldn't. Same reasons I intricately elaborated right above. Come the start of year 2009 when my parents had an inkling that I may have the desire to go back to school and finish my degree they sent me back to study. A year after, or I should say maybe less, my mother started complaining about money again. My father was already working in the middle east and is already earning quite a lot yet still money is an issue. So I had to stopped schooling again.

That is my story. And that is just sad.

I love my parents, you know. I love my family. But the more I think about the stuff I'd been through all these years, not finishing school and all, makes me wanna regret everything I'd done for them and start pointing fingers - outwardly. I start to think that my parents had become ruthless, totally unmoved or perhaps they were abducted some time back and now they're this evil aliens trying to squeeze the life out of me starting by the time they made me quit writing for my college's school newspaper.

Anyway, let me now connect that to my topic. So my mother, Konics and I attended the mass today. We were seated about 3-4 pews from the altar, best seat in town. I sat beside mama. Then when you think you're about to fall asleep the priest will start off with his homily. Suddenly I was wide awake. Despite my limping eye sight my ears got stuck on the priests sermon when he said something like this: "God wants tell the people that when you do good to others you don't have to tell them hey, I did that for you as if bragging." He continued with some examples and the best one he cited is this, "for the parents, you don't say oh, if it weren't because of me you wouldn't be able finish school. Because you know very well that sending your kids to school is your obligation." Yahahahaha hahahahahah hahahahahahaha ahahahaha ahahahah hahahahahahaha.....

God, that was hilarious. And can you imagine how awkward it was for my mother to hear that. Did you hear that, mother? Oh geesh, that was insane. But honestly, I felt that that homily was meant for me. I mean, for once I felt that the heavens conspired for this very special day just so that my mother can hear the ugly truth.

PS. The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I was actually watching it on HBO while entering this. Katherine Heigl sucks because Gerard Butler is just so irresistible from the start. =)

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