Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year - End Special (Part 2)


7. July – I became the busiest person on planet. The word planet equates KS Office here and abroad. I could vividly remember the time I learned Camtasia Studio for a video presentation of an upcoming product. Yes, indeed you read that right – time - for I was only given a short period of “time” to learn quickly as possible the said tool. My team had both the good and the bad times. The good times were when I was able to learn the tool after a couple of hours sleep and I got to work early the next day to have it all done for presentation. Hurray! The bad times were when we realized none of our efforts were appreciated. Tsk, tsk!

8. August – August rush. This month is when I had so many books to read in one time. Honestly, I’ve never been so hooked on reading like this before. Well, probably because during this month was went I felt the hardest hit of being lonesome in a world full of hype-mongering people. Anyhow, the books I’ve read were really amazing. If I am not mistaken I’ve read 4 books of Sydney Sheldon, 1 of Paolo Coelho, 1 of Nora Roberts and 4 of Sophie Kinsella. Unbelievable!

9. September – A.) Papa didn’t preach. He left the country to earn a living; he suffered mild heat stroke and missed birthdays and special events in the circle of his family. But papa didn’t preach nor complained after all the bad luck that has happened to him overseas. Instead he insisted that he be given more updates on what we all had been going thru while he’s far, far away. And I say I feel for him because nothing beats the impact of silence a long-distance relationship brings any person in it. Ya’ll dig? B.) Freedom! Living on my own for 2 months in the colorful yet busy city of Makati has turned me into someone I had always longed for since I was young – to be free. No parents, no one sneaking in the gap between the door and the floor, no curfew to stop you from going out at night to party with friends, no nagging when you want to eat junk foods for lunch and most especially no badgering when they see someone walking you back home from work (ahem).

10. October – A.) Down with a sickness. How can I forget, it was during this time of the year I war nearly declared an anorexic for behaving strangely with food I vomit when I take them in. I had eating disorder. I got hospitalized once for abdominal pains I had to confess to the doctor that I was not eating properly for weeks. Then there was UTI. Ooohhh how I nearly killed myself when I heard I had that. It totally freaked me out of my wits. Nowadays, I no longer suffer both conditions. B.) It started with a kiss. For love is overpowering than any knowing mind I succumbed to it. I took off all defenses and landed myself with the love of a lifetime. According to my planner (slash diary) I got reunited with college friend Vince around the third week of this month through Friendster. After countless years, we met again during his 22nd birthday. The next day we became couples. I stunned myself in the process of finding what I know I could never have again. But there it is! Oh, love is such a many splendid things!

11. November – The twists and turns. This month defined my potential as the hopeless romantic for being such a wicked lover. Utterly, I was emotionally hot and cold, black and white and up and down. I am too impulsive, childish and irrational that I hurt myself easily and more often than I could complain. Sigh.

12. December – A very happy year-ender. In years of tremulous crossing the line of my youth to adulthood, finally, I had come to accept that I’m moving on with the years as it pass. December 2008 was when I felt the busiest, the sweetest, the loveliest and the happiest of my life. I really didn’t want to say that line because I know I’d quoted for this but for the record it’s true. The Busiest – The bosses are always up to something when their people demand for an early holiday break, you know. But kidding aside we were demanded to work double time for stuff and it was perfect timing because that held us from enjoying the season sales in all the malls open in extended hours. That was kinda sad too. The Sweetest - One night in December I was running late for a rendezvous with my boyfriend outside a mall. The thing is that I think we’re both anxious that time because it was after all my first meeting with his other set of friends. The situation was that he wanted me to stay with the taxi I was already riding from Makati so that we won’t need to hail another one. But I already told Vince the driver irritates me so I’d rather say we get another taxi instead. Vince insisted I stay with the taxi. We were texting non-stop on my way to him until I got to where he was waiting and quickly jumped out of the taxi. I ran to him quivering in the coldness of the night. When he saw me from afar he had that quizzical look on his face like “What did I just told you to do? Stay in the cab!” Then he walked to me fast, fast and almost running extending a hand. Then I took it as he drew nearer. And in a blink (and to my surprise) he was repeatedly kissing me bit by bit on the lip, lovingly questioning, worrying and laughing. Later on I was wrapped around his arms, in an embrace that exhaled nothing but warmth of affection inside another cab. The Loveliest – This has something to do with the best Christmas presents I got for the life of me. Materialistic, you may say, but that’s probably because I’m only human. I got a new CMG bag, N73 (Christmas gift daw oh ha-ha), Bart Simpson cushioned slippers, The Time Traveler’s Wife book which I am starting to love by the way, a new jacket I bought with my boyfriend, 4 new shirts (2 from cousin Genny, 1 from Kuya Ronnie straight from Singapore and 1 from Vince’s mom) then Mr. Fahrenheit “Poopoo” A. Natividad from my one and only. Those weren't much but I really adored them. The Happiest (and a little sad too I should add) – When I was younger, Christmas was mostly spent with the entirety of my clan around an elongated table filled with food and then later on huddled around the Christmas tree for the presents. Everyone in the family is there - Lolo and Lola, Mama and Papa, my brother and sister, cousins, Aunts and Uncles and a few chosen close friends. This year, Lolo Jose is no longer with us and so as Uncle Buddy who had passed away from Cancer, Papa is working in Qatar and so as two of my favorite cousins Ate Rosie and Kuya Jun-Jun, and Ate Rhea is already out of sight (and out of reach). But we’ve some new additions in the family – Kuya Ronnie, Ate Lem’s husband and two lovely baby boys named Michael and Kevin and then my boyfriend Vince.

Well, one last look and away goes my 2008, a remarkable year that was. I may no longer be able to recall exactly how I had been moved by the situations I went through and by the people who had been there with me, but rest assured that my thoughts and heart at that very moment spent was genuinely a part of my life.

~ Cheers everyone! ~

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