Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Songs I Play, Over and Over Again

I was just listening to the latest music installed here on my blog from the Tavares when I got a chat from KC that rocked my day I had to post it. It's what she noticed from me when I like a song so much that I play it over and over...and over... and over and over until it already becomes so annoying to hear.

Here's a list of songs I think I had played the most so far. Oh, before you scroll down… Please don't laugh.
1. Always – Blink 182 (This was like a friendship song for me and a best friend of mine.)Usher-bad-girl
2. Are you ready for Love? - Elton John (This is just one sweet song. A song that’ll inspire you to love more)
3. Bad Girl – Usher (I remember hearing this song the very first time I went to a bar. The rest was so history.)
4. Benny and the Jets – Elton John (This is my second favorite Elton John song – next to Philadelphia Freedom)

5. Big Spender – Penny Lee (Oh how I wish I could do a dance to this song just for one time wearing only a red bustier, a skimpy black skirt and then a black knee-high leather boots underneath it is black net stockings. Rawr!)lindsay-lohan-bossy

6. Bossy - Lindsay Lohan (I memorized this song in hours wishing one day when I'm at a bar this song will play and I'm the only one, the only one who could shake a booty to this. That of course never happened.)
7. Can't help falling in love - A*Teens (No laughing, I said!)
8. Chaotic - Britney Spears (I don't know what's up with Britney and her songs but they just makes me go gaga. Gosh, so like her!)
9. Coffee and Cigarettes – Michelle Featherstone (I never really was
new-radicals-crying-like-a-church-on-monday serious in getting away from my vices but I can deeply relate to this song. ‘I must quit. I must quit. You.’)
10. Crying like a church on Monday - New Radicals (This song made me cry a lot.)
11. Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake (Makes a fitting song for my exercise routine. I just had to keep my hips from pumping too much from the beat.)
12. Deliver Us – Ofra Haza, from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack (Love the voices of the men singing.)
13. Deep – Sum41 (I love singing this song and then pretending I was on lead guitars.)
14. Do you remember - Aaron Carter (Are you laughing at me again?)

15. Don't stop me now - Queen (I love this song so much I'd sing it anywhere, anytime.)
16. Draw Me Close – Kutless (There are so many version of this song. But now that it’s been done by a band it doesn’t seem to anyone who hears it as a Christian song anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Katinas version too.)
17. Eternal Flame - The Bangles (You just gotta love that girl who sang this version. Amazing voice, I tell you)
18. Everyday I write a book - Elvis Castello (Because I fell in love with this song so much at one time I wrote a story with the same title)
19. Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade ("coz a girl like you is impossible to find, impossible to find. You’re impossible to find.")
20. Falling - N*sync (Okay, having this band on my playlist isn’t that bad at all. This song in particular is worth playing over and over again.)
21. Feedback – Janet Jackson (I just can’t help dancing to this one.)madonna-give-it-to-me
22. Gimme more - Britney Spears ("Well, it's Britney b*tch")
23. Give it to me - Madonna Ft. Pharell ("get stupid, get stupid, get stupid")
24. Hands down - Dashboard Confessionals (It was my friend Kaiye who got me listening to this when I was still in the Billing Dept. This and Screaming Infidelities were the only ones I had favored so much from the band.)
25. Hey Sexy Lady – Shaggy Ft. Sean Paul (I’m a fan of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, so, what can I say?)
26. Hip-hop Star - Beyonce (I remember memorizing this song while doing the KSTV video. I wasn't really that bored)

27. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros (I swear I am in love with this song.)
28. Hot Blooded - Foreigner (A movie called "In the Land of Women" got
foreigner-hot-blooded-in-the-land-of-women me hooked on this. And then I met Vince and he gave me a different meaning of this song)
29. Hypnotized - Plies Ft. Akon (I once visualized myself dancing to this song on stage with my immaculately long hair curled at the ends swaying to the music. Haayy, dyosa!)
30. I Choose You - Mario (Ate Marie, my boardmate, made me listen to this song on her iPod and I was automatically smitten)
31. If it makes you happy – Sheryl Crow (‘I promise you I’d never give up. If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad’)Britney-spears-i-got-that-boom-boom

32. I Got that Boom Boom - Britney Spears (Breathe hard…)
33. I'll never fall in love again - Elvis Castello (I had to stop listening to this song because it was starting to become the soundtrack of my life. Yikes!)
34. I'm yours - Jason Mraz (Take me…take me…take me to Belize or Rio de Janeiro or
jason-mraz-im-yours to where ever you want to travel to for your next video.)
35. Just feel better – Santana Ft. Steven Tyler (I could hear myself singing this song some time when I’m already too exhausted in life. Sigh.)
36. King of wishful thinking – Go West (It was the movie Pretty Woman that made me want to listen to this song over and over the same number of times I watched the movie.)
37. Love in this club – Usher (I like Usher and his sexy lyrics. Reminds me of Kyam Shung massage. Aw!)

38. Love isn’t easy – ABBA (Oh who can’t resist listening to this song. The beat is just so cute!)
39. Mamma Mia – ABBA (This is the first ABBA song I really fell in love with. That time I just broke up with my then boyfriend.)
40. Mother, we just can't get enough - New Radicals (‘Make my nipple hard, let's go!’)
41. Nina pretty ballerina – ABBA (Another cute song from the group. Oh I love them so much!)
42. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you – Jack Wagner (This song is just timeless.)
43. Our House – Phantom Planet (Oh but of course this is a love song.)
44. Out of my mind – Fastball (This song is a lifetime LSS (Last Song Syndrome) Only I don’t know why)
45. Party People – Nelly Ft. Fergie (There was a time in my life I thought I could be a rapper and sing Fergie’s line. Gibberish. LOLx)
46. Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John (Oh this is my favorite Elton John song. I really would love to sing it to Elton one day. Ha-ha feeling!)
47. Redemption Song – Lauren Hill & Ziggy Marley (‘Won’t you help to sing’)

48. Sam’s Town – The Killers (You have to listen to the Abbey Road version. Aftersheryl-crow-steve-mcqueen watching it, I hated myself for not taking my piano lessons seriously when I was younger.)
49. Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow (Whenever I listen to this song I tell myself one day I will be a rocker chic.)
50. Sun comes up – John Legend (My ultimate Patrick Dempsey song.)
51. Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson (Kids, do not try listening to it at home. Go outside.)
52. That’s not my name – The Ting Tings (I
used to deny that I was hooked to this song. That is because I only learned of it when it everyone else is already tired of hearing it from almost everyone)
the-kiss-joby-talbot-penelope-soundtrack53. The Kiss – Joby Talbot, from Penelope soundtrack (Reminds me of how much I’m in love right now)
54. The Man who can’t be moved – The Script (A possible stalker song. Uh-oh!)
55. Truthfully – Lisa Loeb (Truthfully, I really can’t explain)
56. Turn your lights down low – Lauren Hill’s version (I just hated the rap part. But all in all it’s simply perfect.)
57. Unpredictable – Jamie Foxx (I honestly have no idea why I started listening to this song. But I know why I can’t stop. :D)
58. Vogue – Madonna (I just thought knowing all the names of the celebrities mentioned in this song could one day be useful when I join a game show on TV and win a million pesos.)
59. What makes you different – Backstreet Boys (I used to wish this song would be dedicated to me by any guy who wouldn’t be too sickened to know that I’m a die-hard BSB fan.)
60. When we were young – The Killers (‘He doesn’t look a lot like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman’)
61. Word up – Korn (I’d like to sing this song the next time I go karaoke and I’ll sing it really, really loud.)
62. Yat Voya Ne Per Voya - T.A.T.U. (I'm still addicted to this song)

63. You Gotta Love Someone – Elton John (This song is so Elton John.)7-things-miley-cyrus
64. Your Disguise James Greenspun (Included in the Penelope soundtrack I remember closing my eyes listening to this song and then hurting them badly again because I was having a hard time finding where I can download it on the net for free.)
65. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus (I do not insist that you believe people who will tell you that the reason why I’m starting to listen to Miley Cyrus is because I was once told I look like her and so they think I go around saying “yeah, I look like, don’t I?” . Sha!)

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