Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red in my Dream

Suddenly, the world stops.

It walked across the foyer in flats of steel making sure every other move is a pandemonium. I felt a sudden heat on my nape. I raised my right hand to soothe the increasing pressure that is now up to the back of my ears. It walks along. Slowly in a manner that kills. I hoped for a mirror to see who was coming, but it was too late. I pushed my luck and angled my head a little to the direction of the approaching steps.

As the shadow looms over the wall I avert my eyes as if concentrating to the graph in my laptop. Sure it was a laptop, though it appears to be some kind of a mirror now. I wonder, why didn't I know I have this when I needed it awhile ago? Darn it. In panic, I turned around quickly as the footsteps came into a halt in my rear. The face of someone I know I've seen before came into view. It was a she. I blinked and in my head flashed another face. I stared at the face of the woman before me and said, "No".

There was silence. Something around her head materialized as I said the word. It was forming into what seemed like a perfect shape of cumulus clouds. Only it was red. She eyed me seriously and said, "I'm leaving". Then it dawned to me. Her voice, her face, her words and the clouds of blood around her head. I know her. I know her. Then I was awake.

Confused in my own dream I tried to make sense out of it. I was working alone in the office when someone came in. That someone turned out to be a woman, Me. Without words my boyfriends face flashed before me. So I thought I knew what she came here for. I told her no, in a manner of thinking that she would do something to take him away from me. Then the blood starts flowing out at the back of her head. The color was outstanding that it made me feel so scared. I looked at her again and she said to me, I'm leaving. Then I knew it. Something bad is about to happen. Yeah.

I woke up seven in the morning. After the dream I turned around to see the light of the sun out the open window of my room. A very beautiful day. I turned around again and groped for my phone and started texting my boyfriend. He still must be asleep. I sat up and felt a pang in my head. Particularly at the back. My heart sank.

My phone beeped. I opened it and saw a reply from him. Suddenly, I felt cold. Must be the weather. I asked him how he was and if he already had sleep. I found out he isn't that well yet and had not had sleep. I asked him to try to get some and that I'll be there after work today. He said ok, wished me to have a nice day and the i love yous.

I put down the phone and went back to bed. I looked at the time and saw that I'm still too early to rush. My phone beeped again. It was Mama this time. She was reminding me I have work today and to wake up. I laughed in silence.
Sabi ko na nga ba, mana ako sa Mama ko eh. Paranoid! I replied with an of course Ma! and a plea to not let me go home this weekend. She agreed.

I finished bath in a jiffy and turned to the cabinet for anything appropriately wearable today. I walked out of the boarding house and into the sun rushing to work.

All those times my head feels swollen and brutally painful.


dj said...

Red? Try recalling your dream yin. Baka Pink pala yun darker shade lng or maroon. Hehe. After reading this, I started thinking "New Age Store tingnan nyo ginawa nyo sa kaibigan ko!"

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