Friday, October 31, 2008

Fact or Fiction?

Full Name: Arlyn Arcenas Descalsote
Nicknames: Ayn, Ayin, Yin, Lyn, Alyson, Arte-sta, Twin, Kid, Neng, Chidang
Single or Taken: Taken
Gender: Female
Birthday: 16th of June
Sign: Gemini
Siblings: 1 sis and 1 brother
Eye colour: Hazel Brown (my doctor says so)
Shoe size: 5
Height: 5ft
What are you wearing? favorite jag and a plain blue shirt
Where do you live? Makati
Righty or lefty: both


How many very close friends? 14 (record breaking) and I had to count some more he-he
Do you have a BF or GF? BF. Yesss…

Fashion Stuff

Your favorite place to shop: Fornerina – when affordable (Clothing) Sari-Sari or Regatta and Whatever, Jag (Pants), Barbizon (Undies), The Face Shop (Cosmetics),
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? not yet
Colour: Black and Blue
Boys Names that u like: Louise
Girls Names that u like: Erika
Subject in school: Literature
Animal: doggies!
Drink: Coke, Coffee, and Mango Juice
Food: Anything Spicy
Months: January-May-June-December
Song at the moment: Bad Girl – Usher
Movie: Penelope
Fav Qoute: Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.
Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and a cup of coffee with cream
Cologne/Perfume: Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Cologne Spring Bouquet
Favorite cartoon character: Danny Phantom as of the moment

Have you ever....

Given anyone a bath? haha....
Smoked? yep unfortunately
Bungee Jumped? nope which is sad
Been skinny dipping? no...
Been in the opposite sex's washroom? yep
Eaten a dog biscuit? no
Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yep...
Would u cry if u were in love? Yep...
Been in a physical fight? Yep..
Been in a police car? Nope!
Came close to dying? no
Been in a sauna? Yep
Been in a hot tub? YEP!!
Fallen asleep in school? yep
Broken someone's heart? Many times
Cried when someone died? Yep
Flashed someone? Nope I have dignity!
Fell off your chair? Jesus, of Course!
Sat by the phone all night? Yes
Saved MSN conversations? Yep ha-ha
Saved e-mails? Yeah. I’m lazy
Been cheated on? Yep
Had Chicken pox? Yep
Had Sore Throat? Yep!
Believe in love at first sight? yeah actually
Liked picnics? yep
Liked school? yep

Would you…

Eaten a live hamster for $1,000,000? NO!!!!
Go to a Hanson concert if you had a free ticket? Yeah!!!
Who was the last person you touched? Zel
Who was the last person you massaged? Vince….waaahhhh
Who was the last person you yelled at? Chor
Who was the last person who broke your heart? The Singaporean marketing boss who didn’t like the last video I created.
Who was the last person who told you they loved you? Tin
Who is your loudest friend? Kaiye

Do you/Are you…

Do you like filling these out? When I’m bored and have nothing to write on my blog.
Do you wear contacts or glasses? used to wear glasses but my eyes were able to adjust fine with the laptop radiation.
Do you do drugs? No
Have piercings below the waist? Nope!
Stolen anything over $50? No
Anorexic? I have a tendency to be one.
Depressed? Just last night
Suicidal? Eh nope!

Final questions

What are you listening to right now? Bad Girl – Usher, Sam’s Town – The Killers, Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet, Hella Good – No Doubt, Jump Madonna, Nothing’s Gonna Change my love for you – Westlife
What did you do yesterday? Worked on article submission and went out with a couple of friends.

Hated someone in your family? Nope I love them all!
Got any awards? Yeah, a gold medal for Music Quiz Bee and a 2nd Runner up title for a college beauty pageant (oohhh revealing)
How many remote controls are in your house? One
Are you double jointed? Nope
What do you dream about? That I had finished my book in time for Christmas.
Last time you showered? Last night
Last time you took a bath? Just this morning
The last movie you saw at the theater? The Dark Knight
Scary or happy endings? Happy!!
Root beer or Dr.Pepper? Root beer
Mud or Jell-O wrestling? MUD..
Vanilla or chocolate Ice cream? Vanilla
Summer or winter? Summer
Silver or Gold? Silver
Diamond or pearl? Pearl
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunrise

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