Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nude Law

So I broke my promise about writing something for Brandon Flowers. I know. But he’s just not the “it” guy for me as of this moment and so I don’t think I should be writing anything about him unless I get the feeling back and at the same time hear myself crying “Leave the bourbon on the shelf” again.

All right, so who’s the new guy this time? Ok. Before I spill the beans, let me just make a promise here (even if I’m too bad with promises), oh whatever. Here goes.

(Note: Read in your most 16th century English accent).

From this day forward, I, Arlyn Descalsote, 23 years of age, will no longer hesitate to share true feelings towards a man whom I utterly and most obviously aspire. Hence, I begin my compliance to this pact on this very writing, first day of October year two thousand and eight.

Now, let me begin with Jude Law. Oh heaven forbid! I can’t believe I am writing about this man. Ok, cut the English accent and continue reading with your bloody native tongue. So, Jude Law. Oh shit! I can’t really do this. I can’t write about him. I’m just faking this writing thing, hideous me! He’s…just too…just too…lovely…and sensually serene and for godsakes he’s just to…oh how am I going to say…shocks my word! If the world hears about this…I’d be…damned! For goodness sake!

Ok. Don’t panic. And stop writing like you’re Sophie Kinsella. Write naturally and breathe naturally too. Oh my goodness! I can’t do this. I just can’t! Ok, again. Breathe.

So, Nude Law – I mean Jude Law (oops!) is now officially the hottest guy in my eye. Thanks to Jigs who had persuaded me to watch The Holiday, in his posh condo, or I will never have the chance to meet this strikingly sensual guy. Ok. Jude Law (aw!) is just simply the most sensually serene guy I’ve seen on screen. Well, this guy, I suppose, is not new to some of you, but for me, oh punish me for this, he is really new. Ok, well I’ve heard about him before. Tons of times from my older cousins who were about six years older than me and who had adored him since his Gattaca days but in my list of “Most Wanted Men With Bed-Dreamy Eyes And Breath-Takingly- Kissable Lips” really new, as in. So blame it on my friend Jigs and his honest-to-goodness-coolest condo unit I’ve ever laid my eyes on. That’s a fact Jiggy so let me bum around your place again one night, will you? I’ll take that eyebrow rising as a yes. Back to Jude Law (aw!). Ok, again, this is Jigs' fault. He popped this movie called The Holiday when I dropped by at his place one night when a friend and I were rioting in a car for a place to spend a drunken night out. He offered his humble abode and got me hooked on his Thai dish called Chicken Laksa (which according to him was too salty. For me it wasn’t. Please believe. In fact I enjoyed it thoroughly with my glass of red wine. Sadly, I missed the part when to stand beside the balcony with that glass of red wine at hand and a cigarette on the other then laugh out loud ala Cruella de Vil. Bongga!)

Anyway. So there! That's it. i just wanted to let you know that I'm really so into this guy right now that I have a feeling will not last long, though I really intend to write something about him because he made me spill wine on my jeans when he kissed Cameron Diaz hard on the lips that made her want more! Ayayay! Which reminds me, that scene has happened to me before...



...are so right!

I am Cameron!

And you are Kate Winslet.

Oh God.


amethystine_blue said...

i love kate's intro in the movie.. awwww!! ~

Aynako said...

And I love the way she played the party scene. Galing ng acting nya! Hehe