Thursday, October 16, 2008

Call Me

Rule: List all the names you were called by and the people who call you that. Tag at least 10 members of your contacts and give a comment on their site for them to know they've been tagged.

I may not be in the mood to do anything in my computer today other than browsing I am not obsessed! But after reading KC's blog (or rather C's, as what I would like to call her hehe) I suddenly found myself brewing a fresh cup of coffee with cream and relaxing to my chair ready to strike the keys.

Ok. To start-off . I haven't been called many names. So what I have listed are just names i recall being called by the special people who had been part of my life. Terms of endearments were omitted for legal purposes.

So here we go...

Ayin - As I am most commonly called my friends and family who are close to me. This name started from my Grandfather in my mothers' side. He's half Chinese and could hardly pronounce words that have the letter "r" in it. So thus my sisters nickname, Puyin.

Ayn – This is a shorter (and flirtier) version of abovementioned nickname. I used this when I worked for Chili’s Grill and Bar at the age of 16 for a summer job. I toyed with my reason telling them that this is pronounced like the “Ein” in Einstein. Thus began the “WTF?” stares.

Alyson – My American name. I used this for almost three (3) years in my previous job as an account manager. I got used to being called this name day and night, in and out.

Aly – Shit! I hate to remember being called this name. No girl wants to be named after a boxing legend! Oh heck. Call me Al instead, will you? That’s much better.

Lyn – This sounds, to a certain extent, serious to me. So stop it. Stop calling me this…hideousness suffix.

Ay – C? This is for you. I think we’re just too lazy to add more syllables to our already shortened nicknames.

Lhing – Only one man calls me this. And he’s a bloody policeman for God’s sake!

Kid – This name gives me no justice at all. I mean, Jee, we need to discuss this. Seriously.

Twin – You know when you were young and people thinks that your BFF (which was Che during that time) is your sister because you’re always together and you’re almost alike in so many ways? Ok. I need not to explain further.

Chidang – Hahaha! This is the most hilarious name I’ve ever heard someone call me. Well, you’ll only hear my cousins calling me this.

Neng – I used to hate this but when Ate Rosie (my cousin) started playing with this name I just got used to it. But just because I have accepted the fact that this is what my cousin calls me doesn’t mean I can appreciate nor tolerate anyone calling me this.

Ms. D – Okay so this is just very recent. As I rushed my self in to the nearest Hospital yesterday I acquired a new moniker. Ms. D. That’s my last names’ initial actually. Well, I just thought that the secretary got tired of saying (and spelling) my name every time they call me. If it were not for the expectant look of the people around like saying “Ms. D? As in Dina Bonnevie?” it felt good, you know.

So that's about it. Again, sorry, I'm so not in the mood.

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