Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 excuses why i walk out on you

20. you're not talking to me.
19. i'm talking to you and still you're not talking back.
18. i'm asking a question and your best answer is a snore.
17. i look at you and you turn to your pillow.
16. i laugh with you and then after a while you laugh at me.
15. i cry and you just wait and see till i stop.
14. i still want to talk and you still want to sleep.
13. i get sick and the only thing you mean to do is tell me to take care of myself.
12. you are insanely funny, ambitious, adventurous and unbelieavably full of life out with them but when you're alone with me you're a clam.
11. your idea of a joke is about me and my pathetic height.
10. you think it's always about you.
09. you think it's always about me.
08. you don't think it's about us.
07. you don't think i understand.
06. you don't think i feel the same.
05. you don't know the essence of "right timing"
04. you think you're right.
03. you think i'm wrong.
02. you stop listening.
01. you allow me to walk out on you.

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