Monday, September 16, 2013

The Dog Named Boom

Well, since I'm starting to blog once again, I think it's probably time that we talk about my dog named Boom. He's a Male Golden Retriever from Bulacan. Or so that's what the seller told me. He's got no papers to prove he's a real Goldie so we really couldn't tell. Some says he's more of a Labrador because of his coat. Others say we have to wait about 2 years more for the bushy coat to grow. I say it doesn't matter. The dog is cute and I'm going to keep it.

So here's the story behind that.

After the holidays of 2012 and the new year has long been celebrated, I demanded a gift from my boyfriend Vince. I asked him for a dog. We found a couple of Ads online and started making calls. We finally got a deal for a pup ready to be handed in about 2 weeks time. Wow, that fast! Because of this, I wasted no time and started educating myself about Dog care. I mean, I've heard this thing about how having a dog is like having a kid and how you take care of it is like you'll be like to your future kid. Something like that. So I read and read lots and lots of articles about the dog I chose until I went nuts.

I learned that Golden Retrievers are the friendly type. They are smart, easy to train and is highly effective as rescue dogs. That's different from being the guard dog, ok? That's most definitely because they're friendly, even to strangers. So instead of protecting you, a Goldie will most probably be licking the face of your attackers and then go home with them if it feels like it. They don't really bark a lot. In fact, by the barking behavior of a dog you can already tell what his real breed is. Ain't that cool? 

So a couple of weeks later the dog is ready to be handed to us. Get ready to swoon.

Ayn Descalsote first picture with Boom
Here are the first pictures we took with my dog after he was brought to us straight from Bulacan.

We went home straight to Kamias and fed him lots and lots of milk. He is just so adorable me and Vince were just gushing over him the entire afternoon. Back then, we called him Abe. Short for Abraham. I liked it and it somehow worked. But as soon as I took him home to Marikina, things changed. He wouldn't respond to the name. Later on I realized that is because everyone inside the house call him whatever name they want to call him - Brownie, Tuklaw, Pumpkin and so much more. So what I did is, I went straight to Facebook and ask for a little help.

From Ayn Descalsote Facebook Page
Well, not really little though

Names after names and days after days I still couldn't choose from all the options I was given. Until, one name stood out from the rest.

Name List Excerpts from Facebook page of Ayn Descalsote
Too many choices, too much confusion.

So there, in just like that, he is now known as Boom.

Boom Natividad sleeping at the Pet Clinic
Here he is enjoying a massage from the Vet. No, he's actually about to get an injection for skin problems.

He's a rather happy and lively dog. But he's got far too many skin problems. We make trips to the Vet about twice a month just so he gets better. We found out that, naturally, he's a vegetarian. We didn't know that until this check-up wherein we've already been feeding him Beef meals for puppies all along.

Boom Nativiad at the Pet Clinic
At 3 months old.

A couple weeks more and he's scratching his ears profusely that they got inflamed. He had to wear the "Cone of Shame" because of this.
Boom Natividad with the Cone of Shame
Boom with the Cone of Shame

Vitamins after vitamins and nuggets after nuggets, he got better...
Vince Natividad with Boom at Sunken Garden
Boom's first trip to the Sunken Garden of UP Diliman

Even better that I finally take him around town.
Arlyn Descalsote with Boom at an ATM Booth
At an ATM Booth. Boom and I are kinda inseparable at times, you know.

So much better, he's finally playing around other dogs.
Arlyn Descalsote running with Boom and Cookie
Boom and I running around with Cookie the Bullador.

Boom is now 10 months old. Only months old but so much bigger. I'm not complaining though. I want him that way.

Boom Natividad

I'm not sure if this is a good picture to help compare, but here you'll see he is when he was about 7 weeks old (left picture) to about 7 months (right picture).

Boom Natividad with Mommy Arlyn Descalsote
Boom from toddler to tweener.
Arlyn Descalsote carrying Baby Boom to Big Boom
Boom from baby to heavy. Whoa!

Well, there goes the story of us. You'll most definitely read more about Boom in the future here in my blog. Because I love my dog. I love my baby. And because we all know we still got a loooooooooong, loooooooong way to go.

Arlyn Descalsote with Boom

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