Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cooking Bounty Fresh Chicken's Top Torikatsu

Have you tried the new Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu? I have and I want to share with you how I discovered this tasty treat. One important note: I cooked!


It has been months now that I've been thinking of learning how to cook. Every weekend I get to really think about this. It's not like it's a big deal, but I guess that's because I realize that most of the time my boyfriend and I would just eat out. We rarely cook, and if we don't go out, we'd most likely have fast-food delivery or take-outs. Sounds cool, right? No!

I may sound like my mother, but I tell you, that kind of lifestyle is not healthy and expensive. That's the problem, right there.
See what I mean?
So, last night I finally had the courage to cook. I confronted the fridge for something to cook for dinner. It was really late that time and I didn't really want to make such a riot in the kitchen. So I said, maybe I'll just fry some hotdogs or something. I didn't see anything I can cook in the freezer, except for some bags of something called Top Torikatsu.

Top Torikatsu Classic Flavor, the first one out of the fridge.
At first, I thought this one's imported from Japan or something (like a rice mix that Vince's mom brought home from Japan long ago), but when I looked closely, it's from Bounty Fresh! Philippine grown, right? No time to check on the facts. Anyway, the name Top Torikatsu sounds interesting and the cooking instructions look easy - it actually says 3 minutes cooking time. You know, you only get to see that on instant noodles, not on meat food like this. I mean who dare cooks meat that fast? Anyway, despite the lack of trust in my little ability to cook, I heated the pan and made a silent prayer not to botch this thing.

Just look at the size of that thing!
I followed the instructions religiously. I cooked the first two in 3 minutes and was surprised that it was just so easy. Before I knew it the first bag of Top Torikatsu that I took out was almost empty. A couple of minutes later I was done. No sweat!

I prepared the table upstairs in Vince's room - rice bowls, spoon and fork and the meal staple Mother's Best Hot Sauce. I saw the surprised look in face when he saw the plate heaping with what looked more like "big nuggets". I told him about my cooking experience and that I also set aside some of it that he can take to work. Instant baon na rin! 

Now, about the Top Torikatsu. I liked that its meat is really tender and not dry. I remember saying the word "juicy" to describe it on my first bite. Although, we didn't quite realize there was Mayonnaise inside the breading, probably because of the hot sauce that we put on it, but the Cheese and Chives flavor was tastier than the Classic one. The cheese was really creamy it oozes out of the breading when you cut the meat. 

Vince likes his Top Torikatsu with lots of Hot Sauce

The best part is really the meat. I realized to quickly that Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu is not the usual ready-to-cook products we'd buy from the market. It doesn't taste generic like that of most processed foods and it's made of Chicken breast, which is quite healthy, right? Now, that is really, really awesome. For people like me who's trying to change a lifestyle consisting mostly of eat-outs and unhealthy processed food, this is a good alternative. 

Next time, I wish to try baking the Top Torikatsu. The instruction says you can. That, I know will be so much awesome. If things work out fine with that, I'll have this a staple on my fridge.

Bounty Fresh

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