Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tattoo on my mind

I have to have this. It's called the Shhh tattoo. Everyone's been talking about it in Hollywood and even from some girls in my office. Well, okay I like La Lohan, but not because she has one of these (and Lily Allen too) doesn't mean I wanted to get one myself. I just think it's pretty, and hot. Pretty hot.

Okay well speaking of tattoos I once told myself that I'd ever get myself a tattoo I want it somewhere down the side of my rib cage, near the pelvic bone. I want an ultra hot mermaid to be my very first tattoo because I'm a fan of mermaids, though I know literally seeing them flesh and all meat fishy is a little too scary, either way my idea hasn't changed yet.

I talked to my mother about getting a buddism inspired tattoo when I was about 19. She called me a lunatic and has no self-respect. I talked to her about this shh tattoo a few days ago when she was still mending a broken heart from my father's so very uncalled for philandering issues and she told me that I'm her favorite daughter. I love teasing people. Shhh...

See! I should really get one!

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Anonymous said...

im already immune ;)