Monday, May 10, 2010

What used to be a bad idea came out to be the best solution ever

Things I learned about myself when I broke-up with Vince (not really the good stuff):
1. I'm not really a well-rounded person.
2. I can't tell a good joke.
3. I eat triple my size and its bad for me, especially when you look at my family's dietary history.
4. I have fat legs.
5. I'm the smallest person on earth.
6. I have the worst singing voice.
7. The books I've read is nothing compared to the long list of books he have had and lost.
8. Foreign music is not called music at all.
9. When I complain I'm just being papansin and nagddrama.
10. I have mood swings as often as you've never imagined.

Things I learned about myself when I broke-up with Vince (the really good stuff):
1. I am the luckiest person on earth.
2. I have a beautiful speaking voice.
3. Holding hands can do wonders.
4. My eyes can say a lot but his lips can express the best things ever.
5. I can skate!
6. I can cook!
7. I am sexy (?) <- still thinking about this 8. I can finish my book even if I've lost the manuscript for the nth time. 9. ...that I have to try and understand the situation first before I start reacting. 10. That friendship is to be kept whatever happens. 11. I can be a faithful, sweet, loyal, loving, thoughtful, sincere, helpful and trusting girlfriend.
You've taken good care of me, always been there for me
Boy, I can't bear to leave cause I need your therapy
You've given me everything, so much I ever cold need
Without you I'm weak in the knees, I need your therapy


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