Wednesday, November 21, 2007 the shadows

For some reasons, I had to stop my self from daydreaming. Daydreaming that my charming prince will come. He will hand me flowers and chocolates and speak to me softly saying I will be here for you until the time is thru.

Physically he is tall and relatively slim. Sometimes bearded with piercing brown eyes that could wound anyone at the sight. His smile doesn’t seem to show too often unless provoked with stern comedy. His dark hair more often polished and tousled and his clothing, casually smart yet comfort is a factor in his well-made and expensive attire. Usually, he rides the wave of success in life and is therefore able to display an air of authority and confidence in his position. Others respect him for his determination and passion to succeed.

This man is serious and often secretive. Most of the time, what he doesn’t say, says it all. His looks can condemn and his gestures can betray. He is as vulnerable as any man, but he rarely shows it. The darkness of his past is scribbled on fault lines in his face and the emptiness inside him beneath every pore of his skin.

He is a good speaker and a listener as well. His voice trembles a different kind of authority to counsel and inspire. He is kind and an inspiring man whom I would call for guidance and advice many times, which in turn gave it with all his willingness and compassion. His hands are a plate of confidence to either push you up or pull you down. His body is a temple of silent bravery and armor from defeat.

This man is Sid, the man whom I entrusted my heart with.

Many times the road is winding for us. Some other times it is a hundred and one loops like that of a roller coaster. But we have held hands during those times. Some times our words are hurting some other times it doesn’t. And when we say nothing at all everything just falls into places. Now, the silence has become so eerie, enough to keep us apart, enough to explain the air of questions, enough to break us apart. But ties have been made. Like foundations unseen, we continue to huddle in each other’s shadow. The only question now is when do we keep on groping in those shadows. Doesn’t it scare you? Doesn’t it hurt your eyes? Doesn’t it make you feel alone, even if you feel the hand?

I am here. On the other side of the shadow I stay grounded groping the same hand you extend. Yes, I can feel you. Yes, I always dream about you. The hand, even in the shadows, I can feel them. Your hands they’re soft but not weak and gentle but comforting. I love the hands that I feel that I daydream about it. I don’t need to see the entirety of you to comfort me, just the hand will do. So don’t let go if the other hand that grasps in the other side of that shadow because doing so will some reasons, I will have to stop myself from daydreaming.

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