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National Coloring Book Day Philippines 2015

A week ago, I hosted the first ever National Coloring Book Day event here in the Philippines. Together with my partners and sponsors, we welcomed everyone at The Warrior Poet Art Cafe inside the Cubao Expo compound.

But before we get to that in details, let me first talk about how it all started.

I first learned about adult coloring book when my officemate, Muffie, gave me a surprise gift for my birthday. By the way, Muffie and I share the same birth date. Yes, we were both born on June 16. I use to think she's like my coincidental twin.
Muffie editing our bookmark samples with her Birthday cupcake from Cuppacakes

Anyway, that was the first time I've ever laid eyes on a coloring book for adults. It never cross my mind that there was such a thing like this. I flipped the pages over and over and when I kept it aside, I couldn't take my mind off it. They were the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. I knew immediately I had to finish work early so I could start coloring atleast one page.

My first colored page from Creative Haven Mosaic.
It seemed difficult to do the first time you try your hands on it. Sometimes, you'll even feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the designs. But I shook off those feelings. So every time I get a chance, I color. Day and night, I painstakingly try to finish my first ever colored page. After a week of hard work I showed Muffie my finished page. She was ecstatic! She marveled at my color combinations. I was seriously happy.

Since then, I started bringing my coloring materials to work. When we all go for lunch I'd still bring my stuff. Sometimes, while I eat, I color. Some other times I just don't eat at all just to have more time to color. But, readers, don't do that. That's wrong. It's not good for your health. Not good at all.

Shortly after my 2nd finished page was when Muffie and I started taking coloring more seriously. And by this time we've already joined an international group on Facebook called Coloring Books for Adults. Also, by this time Muffie and another co-worker have already purchased a coloring book for themselves. And before we knew it we were already forming a mini-group of coloring fanatics!
My 2nd work

My 3rd work

By July 9, 2015, Coloring Book for Adults - Philippines was formed. As soon as I've created the group page on Facebook, I learned that our international counterpart was going to conduct a Natioinal Coloring Book Day on August 2. I acted almost immediately the moment I knew that we only had 3 weeks to make things happen.

Atlas, we came to this.

National Coloring Book Day Philippines 2015 - Official Poster
 Together with our international partners - National Coloring Book day, Dover Publications and Meet up and awesome sponsors - Craft Carrot, Frou Frou Crafts, Kolorista and Girl Travel Factor we made the impossible, possible.

Dover Publications provided us with the National Coloring Book Day Edition sheets that were given for FREE during the event. They also tied up with Meet Up to serve as official online event planner for everyone who wants to host "meet ups" or events. I applied as the host for Manila, Philippines. And after series of email exchanges with Amanda from Dover Publications they gave me the official host title for the National Coloring Book day in Manila, PH. Wew!

I learned about Craft Carrot from a former office mate who posted on the group page about an event in Ayala Museum where they are going to be a part of. I looked them up and learned from their website that they've got a widest array of pens, paint brushes and other coloring materials I have ever seen. They have items that are most of the time not found at the local supplies store. Carrot Craft is your number choice for specialty arts and crafts retailer in the Philippines.

Jaelle Andrada-Albaniel of Frou Frou Crafts is like our local handmade accessories and coloring books queen. Yes, that's right. She makes handmade coloring books. I think before the event, Muffie and I had this silent burning anticipation to meet her. We wanted to let her know how amazingly talented we think she is and how much we want to support her in the local scene.

Kolorista is my brainchild. With a little help from my boyfriend, Vince and Muffie, Kolorista came to life. We offer hand-painted clipboards, so you can easily work on your coloring book sheets and Kolorista tie-dyed shirts for souvenirs.

Girl Travel Factor is Muffie's very own blog. She's a travel bug you see. But she's a brilliant photographer too. When we're out of town with the team, you can expect that she'd be out there, either snorkeling for sea creatures or taking photos of everything under the sun.

And speaking of photos. Let's end this post with some of the photos that Muffie took during the event. Enjoy look at them and we hope to see you at our next event. Cheers!

National Coloring Book Day 2015 Edition Sheets. These were the give aways for all the event attendees. We hope you were able to get your own copy. They're absolutely beautiful.

National Coloring Book Day Philippines 2015 at the Warrior Poet Art Cafe

Me & Vince wearing Kolorista Tie Dyed Shirts with friends

My brother and my sister at the National Coloring Book Day Philippines 2015 event. My brother tried to join the On-The-Spot Coloring Contest but couldn't finish his work on time. Sorry bro, better luck next time.

This is Jennifer, an officemate and the August Artist of the Month in our group. She got herself a gift pack from our awesome sponsors Craft Carrot, Frou Frou Crafts and Kolorista. Congratulations!

This is Joenell, our On The Spot Coloring Contest Winner. He also got himself a gift pack from our awesome sponsors Craft Carrot, Frou Frou Crafts and Kolorista. Congratulations!

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