Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok. Honestly, I'm the type of girl who'd rather go home, during Valentine's day, without a bouquet of roses in tow. Why? Because it's such a hassle. Anyway, good thing I came up with this latest discovery. Flower delivery. Oh how I blushed at this idea. I mean, it's just so thrilling to know that now there's this kind of innovation. I mean, here in the Philippines? Oh that's just so amazing. Now, these flower delivery express will not only help you send flowers here in the Philippines but will also help you convey your feelings to that someone you're sending your flowers to. How lovely!
This valentine's day, I bet many girls are secretly wishing some boys are going to hand them this. Well, if you're quite short of time and budget, don't worry, we now have the help of The Flowers Express who offers FREE shipping and promises a next day flower delivery. How cool is that, huh?
Ok. So now I'm thinking of correcting my first statement. I think I'm gonna need to clarify. I still want to get flowers this Valentine's day. I just don't wish to carry them around when I commute back to my apartment. Anyway, I'm sure my guys reading this and he'll know what to do. Yeah.
Well, there you go.
Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

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