Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ang tumawa chief at wa-class!

This is so funny. Really. So funny that I'm gonna have to warn you not to laugh so hard because you'll look chief at wa-class! Oh but what the hell. Go ahead -_-

But don't say I didn't warn yah...

Top Dumbest things You've Heard on TV (Greatest hits)

1. News Anchor: “So ano naman ang reaksyon ng mga biktima?” Field Reporter: “Na-bad trip.”

2. Host: “Masarap kagatin, pero hindi puwede kainin?” Contestant: “Bakal?"

3. From an entertainment talk show, an actor was asked, “So your father is a policeman in Europe?” He answered: “Hindi po sa France po."

4. Host: “What is your best PHYSICAL asset?” Contestant: “I’m very understanding.”

5. Host: “Kung ang blue ay bughaw, ano naman ang yellow?” Contestant: “Ice?”

6. During Ondoy, a reporter asked someone who was crying because he lost his family and home to the floods: “Ano pong nararamdaman niyo ngayon?"

7. Host: “What is the fastest animal?” Contestant: “Lydia De Vega?”

8. Host: “In what country do Hindus live?” Contestant: “Hindunesia?”

9. Host: “Ano ang matatagpuan mo sa gitna ng donut?” Contestant: “Palaman?”

10. A reporter interviewing a newly crowned Ms. Universe: “If you marry, will you become Mrs. Universe?”

11. Edu: “Ano ang binibigay ng kundktor ng bus sa pasahero na nagsisimula sa letrang ‘T’?” Ian Veneracion: “Tukli?”

12. John Pratts: “Ano ibig sabihin ng ‘no loading’?” Man on the street: “Bawal gumamit ng cellphone?”

13. Host: “Sa pelikulang MI2, ano ang ibig sabihin ng MI?” Contestant: “Men In?”

14. Host: “Ano sa English ang Pasko Ng Pagkabuhay?” Contestant: “Haleluya?”

15. Host: “If you could live forever, would you and why?” Contestant: “I would not live forever, because if we could live forever, we would live forever. But we cannot live forever, so I would not live forever.”

16. Host: “If you were on a boat and could only save either your mother or father, who would you save?” Contestant: “Me on boat? BOAT of dem.”

17. Host: “Ano sa Tagalog ang green?” Contestant: “Birdie?”

18. Host: “If you could promote one tourist spot in the Philippines, which would it be?” Contestant: “Bocaue Rice Terraces.”

19. Weather reporter: “Pepeng, lumalaki papasok sa Pilipinas!”

20. Host: “Have you tried sky diving?” Guest 1: “I’m afraid not.” Host: “What about you?” Guest 2: “Me, I’m afraid.”

21. Host: “Sa school, ano ang kailangan ipasang finished or not finished?” Contestant: “Finished! Sigurado ako, finished!"

22. Richard Gomez: “Magbigay ng pagkain na mabaho!” Tessa Prieto-Valdez: “Tae?”

23. Host: “Ano sa Tagalog ang grasshopper?” Contestant: “Huling Hapunan!

24. Host: “Ano ang mas malaki, itlog ng manok o mata ng tao?” Contestant: “Itlog ng tao!”

25. In Kuarta o Kahon. Pepe Pimentel: "Ano ang common name ng Sodium Chloride?" Contestant: (di makasagot, kailangan pa ng clue). Pepe: "Sige, ito yung inilalagay mo sa itlog ni mister tuwing umaga!" Contestan : (excited na sumagot) Ah! Johnson's Baby Powder!"

26. In a beauty contest the host asked, "What do you think is your edge among the other contestants here in this pageant?" Contestant: "My edge, well I'm 23 years old."

27. A sexy star was asked about her comments on the nasty stuff another sexy star was saying about her. Her reply: “Sorry, I won’t snoop down to her label. She’s chief and wa-class!”

Toinnnkkk... XD


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